Tuesday, September 30, 2008

7 Quirky Things About Shamae

I've Been Tagged! The Rules are....tell about 7 quirks of yours & then Tag some fellow bloggers to do the same, be sure to leave a comment to let them know!

1)I can't stand to use mismatched shampoo and conditioner. Generally my shampoo runs out first and I can't just start on a new bottle and finish my current bottle of conditioner, when one is gone, they both go. (Somehow I ALWAYS run out of shampoo first.) But don't worry I don't waste the conditioner...see next quirk.

2)I prefer to use conditioner as shaving cream for my legs. The regular shaving creams work just fine but conditioner works SO much better! Trust me! Try and it and you will love it! It leaves your legs with that nice, soft feeling that the creams claim to do. So after you run out of shampoo and you still have conditioner left over, stick it in the "shaving conditioner" pile. :D

3) (My friends from high school might remember this next quirk) I hate brown paper lunch sacks that do NOT have the tops folded nicely. I can't stand it all crinkled up! So please, for my sanity, if we are ever "brown bagging" it together, fold the top down nicely.

4) I hate spending money on shoes. I know this is totally crazy but I do...I can't stand buying shoes that cost more than $20. Of course those who know me best know that it isn't just shoes. I hate paying more than $20 for pants or shirts or anything! I am cheap.

5) If there are dishes in my sink it drives me crazy until I put them in the dishwasher or wash them. I can't stand it if my kitchen is dirty. But rest assured if I ever bake something for you, know that it comes from a clean, sanitary kitchen. :) (I think I got that quirk from my mom.)

6) If you are ever at my house and decide you would like to cut a slice of cheese, you are more than welcome too, but please, please I beg you, slice the cheese straight down. I can't stand crooked cheese slicing. It makes the next piece lopsided and that just brings back bad memories. (my friends my high school, college, and my sisters might remember what I am referring to there!) So keep the cheese straight my friends. (This goes for homemade bread as well.)

7) Umm I can't sing at all but I like to imagine that can. Instead of sounding like a bag of cats getting beat into a brick wall, in my imagination, I sound very similar to Carrie Underwood. But, alas, this is just a dream.

Ok those are my quirks. Hope you enjoyed those. I tag whoever wants to do this but some people who I would like to hear their quirks are: Carrie, Christin, Erin D (Erin P and Erin F are welcome to do this too though.) Jill, Katie, Wendy, Jessica, Mom and Malory.

**I guess I could add another disclaimer, similar to the one on my previous post. These are Shamae's quirks and should no way be misconstrued as quirks of my sweetheart Loren. Trust me, he deserves a post all on his own for his quirks. he he he Luv ya babe.**


Heather said...

I'd love to take their photos!!! Just let me know if you're ever in the Salt Lake area! I'll let ya know if i'm ever in Idaho, but I highly doubt i'll ever make my way up there haha (I keep trying to talk dh into a trip there, just so I can add to my states i've been to).

Tara said...

Cute quirks Shamae, your conditioner and shampoo cracks me up. I may have to try the conditioner for shaving cream! :) That's to funny!

wendys said...

Next time we come over I am going to dirty all your dishes, crumple your paper bags and then cut a crooked slice of cheese. And blame it all on Loren!

Ashley said...

Those are funny quirks! It is fun to be quirky:) That is a great idea with the conditioner then maybe I will shave more!

Greg & Andrea said...

pretty funny. I really like reading everyones quirks. And I would have to agree with a few of yours like running out of shampoo before conditioner. I'm going to try it on my legs tomorrow!