Saturday, June 6, 2009

Getting to Know Shamae Part 2--Foods

Back in September I did a post about a few of Shamae's quirky behaviors. They were all pretty revealing, exposing much of my hidden inner idiosyncrasies. Since that time, not much has changed with regard to the original oddities but I decided to do another Quirky-Get-To-Know Shamae post since I have increased in the number of folks that read my blog and, apparently, wish to have more folks who will laugh at some of my peculiar traits that make me who I am. :-)

As a side note, my previous quirks are still quirks but I must say I have found some kickin good deals on shoes lately to satisfy my desire for comfy, cute footwear but also still allowing me to satiate my desire to be economical in my spending habits. Yesterday in fact, I just ordered a new pair of Sketchers sandals (so super cute) for $20. I am so excited for them to come!

So, without anymore delay, here are some more quirky behaviors of mine. I have decided to center this list around 5 food quirks.

1--I love to dip my food. I dip foods that are not intended for dipping. Not only do I dip fries and tatertots, I dip burgers, pizza, chicken, fish--all meats actually, baked potatoes, bread ect. Things that were meant to highlight a meal are not complete without a little sauce of some kind to dip into. My favorite guilty pleasure snack of all time is chips and dip.

2--I love whipped cream! I love to slather whipped cream on all desserts. Sweets just taste better with a dollop of whipped cream. There are foods that are normally associated with whipped cream usage but some of my rather odd favs are cookies, brownies, cake (yes even with frosting on), graham crackers, and fruit. Who needs a marshmallow in the center of a s'more, give me some whipped goodness and I am happy.

3--I don't like my meat rare. (This one may not seem odd for some folks.) I might be able to settle for a steak cooked med-well, but never, never rare. I have a brother in law who practically orders his steaks still attached to the cow. Blood from steak is not an approved dip for Shamae's meats. Ranch can be good, ketchup or fry sauce, a nice au jus maybe but never ever blood.

4--I like sushi. I know considering the previous entry this may seem strange but first let me give you my definition of acceptable sushi for Shamae. Sushi for Shamae: nothing raw in the wrap. I love California rolls and many various kinds of tempura cooked wraps because there is nothing raw and slimy inside and they have reached an appropriate temperature for consuming. The only time raw fish was deemed acceptable was when we were vacationing in Maui. For some reason mainland food faux pas disappeared when enveloped in island love. :-)

5--Before consuming colored candies or foods (ex skittles, m&m's, mike n ikes ect) I have to first sort them by color. Then I eat them starting with my least favorite flavor and moving toward my favorite. Banana candy does not fall in this category. I hate artificial banana flavored candy. It is disgusting. I think it should be fed to people who are concealing valuable information as a form of torture. And, for the record, cadbury mini eggs may be my all time fav candy and I think fortune cookies taste like reincarnated sewage.

So those are my food quirks. We all have them so don't be shy! Consider this an official "tag" from Shamae. Go post your own food quirks and leave me a message so I can come laugh at...ahem I mean read...yours. :-)


wendys said...

I agree with the meat! It has to be well done. But California rolls really make me gag. Nothing is worse than cold rice.

Sarah said...

Haha! I sort my fruit snacks! That's funny!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I can't believe there's someone else out there that sorts their candy! I totally sort my skittles and when I eat M&Ms I HAVE to save the blue ones for last. I really thought I was the only weirdo out there who did that, guess not!
Oh and it must be a family thing because Brett refuses to eat rare meat too.

Liza said...

I sort my candy too Shamae! I'm so bad about it that I won't get a snack like that when I'm in the car, because there's no way to sort them out! Only I start eating them by the color I have the least of. I used to get some weird comments when I worked in an office!

But I have to have my meat rare...perhaps medium rare.

The Herrigs said...

Oh my gosh...I totally do that with my skittles too...all the way down to eating the worst ones first! Too funny! One of my quirks is that I hate for my food to touch...yuck.

Julia said...

I must agree that Cadbury mini eggs are the all-time best candy ever invented. A year or so ago, I bought a huge bag just for me and hoarded it so I could still have them after Easter. Unfortunately, my plan got foiled when I realized that I had eaten them all...before Easter. I discovered, though, that Cadbury makes little balls at Christmas time that are just like them! YEA! Indulgence twice a year, now!

The Lane Family said...

I love this post. I am with you on whipped cream, quite frankly I think it is AWESOME!!!

Rachel said...

LOL you are so funny.... here are a few of mine... no time for post right now :(

1) Cheese.... cheese on everything. So my cheese is the equivalent of your sauce :)

2) Steak... still moowing and I'm happy :) Blood hitting the mashed potato..ummmm so good :) LOL

3) Chip and dip... got to agree with you on that! :)