Saturday, November 24, 2007


Well we had a terrific Thanksgiving! The roads were perfect to travel on, although we didn't travel too far from home. We went twenty minutes north to spend dinner with my hubby's family and then we travelled 20 minutes south then continued 20 minutes west to eat dessert with my family. The girls had a great time. Sydney did her "cheer" for everybody. I keep meaning to record that and upload it to my blog. It is way too cute!

The food was delicious, as usual! I tried a couple new recipes, I made "carmel crunchies" for an appetizer. They were a HUGE hit, we had none to bring home! I will definatly be making those again! I also made a yumy pasta salad. We had just enough to bring home so we can eat it for lunch. Of course those were just low-profile dishes. The high profile dishes were made by my mother-in-law and various other family members. They did a terrific job as well!!

Then yesterday, Friday the 23rd, Loren and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary!! My mom watched the girls while we went out to visit Santa--AKA Christmas shop--and then we went to dinner. It was a great time and congratulations to us!!

Here are a couple pictures I snapped of the girls. I am trying to get a good one for Syd's 4 year old picture and then I need an updated, good picture of my girls together for our living room wall. Here are some of the ones I took.

--Obviously Morgan was NOT thrilled with the idea of having her picture taken!! She is not as big of a ham like Miss Sydney!


wendys said...

Great photos! I love how Syd poses in every shot. Happy anniversary you newlyweds!

momintx said...

Shamae! What great pictures, your fam is just precious!

I am going to change your header..I need to figure it out. It will be done soon!

Craig & Janalyn said...

Your girls are so grown up! They are darling! I can't wait till I can fix Kenli's hair. You always have your girl's hair so cute.

Craig & Janalyn said...

OH~ I almost forgot! Happy Anniversary! Time flies, huh?