Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Consequences

Today we had the opportunity to go to lunch with my dear Grandma Ruth. On the way home we had to swing by Winco for a few groceries (bread, milk, bananas and yogurt...the usual). I took Sydney in the store with me and Loren stayed in the car with Morgan. In the store Sydney was SO hyper and not behaving well at all! I was very frustrated to say the least.

When we got our stuff and went out to the car I told Loren how Sydney acted. When we started driving away, Loren gave Sydney a stern lecture about good and bad choices and how when we make bad choices we have to live with the consequences.

Throughout the lecture Sydney kept getting more and more upset until she started crying and throwing a little fit. We finally said, "Sydney what is the matter? You shouldn't be this upset." At this she said in a loud yell/cry "I don't want to live with the consequences! I want to live with you!"

At this comment we realized why she was so upset. She thought that because she didn't behave in the store, we were sending her away to live with a new family...the Consequences! Loren and I immediately busted up laughing. It is sure funny to see how little children view things differently.

We calmed Sydney down and reassured her that the consequences are not people. She still gets to be part of our family. :D


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wendys said...

That is funny! I can't imagine you ever threatening Syd that she has to move out... no wonder she was so upset!