Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Eggs

Well today was a fun day. It is an annual tradition in our house to go to the local rodeo. That day was today. The girls loved it!! Of course watching grown men get flung from the backs of horses and bulls as though they were rag dolls always gives me an andrenaline rush. :D Then we came home and dyed Easter eggs. I never buy those kits at the store. IMHO they don't color as well as just plain ole' vinegar, some boiling water and food coloring! Take a look at those vibrant colors!! The girls had such a great time! So I am updating our blog with pictures and then it is bedtime!

I know that the real reason for Easter often gets overlooked among the materialism of our culture but lets not forget our Savior and his ressurection. Don't forget to give Him thanks and take a minute to remember His sacrafice for us.

Enjoy and Happy Easter!



Stella said...

Hope you have good time for Easter..
Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

hey sis this is hailey i think those pics are so cute!! and you are right the kits suck compared to the good old fashioned way remember the new stuff is not always the best

carrie said...

Those eggs are a good color!! You look super cute in the pics Shamae!! Glad you had a fun time!

Becky said...

cute pics!! Your girls are too adorable! I will remember that homemade egg dye is better next year!

Jill said...

What colorful eggs..I'm very impressed! Glad Sydney is doing better with the shots! And I know it is Wednesday but I'm going to call you so that we can get together for lunch before the end of spring break! See ya soon!

Tara said...

ahh i love your cute little pics!! your girls are getting soo big.