Saturday, June 14, 2008

The "Other" Morgan

Growing up we had some great friends who's farm was close to my dad's farm. We often got together for bbques, cattle round-ups, sleep overs, or just hanging out. Morgan was one of my best friends. We did so many crazy things together. I won't get into the stories now because we did some stupid things and some just plain embarassing things. Anyway she is just the neatest person. I've always liked her so much and admired who she is. Anyway 2 1/2 years ago, I named my baby girl after her...that's why I have a Morgan too. When my Morgan was a month old, big Morgan (it is hard to differentiate who I am talking about :D) left for 18 months to serve a mission for church in Washington D.C. She got home last February and I finally got around to seeing her today--well her and her fiance. Morgan is getting married on July 11 and I am just so happy for her! Adam seems like such a nice guy and they are so happy and cute together! Anyway we went to the high school rodeo finals today and met up with Morgan and Adam. My girls got their pics taken with them. Sydney was excited because Morgan used to be a rodeo queen and Syd thought that was pretty cool stuff. She also really likes Morgan's long blonde hair--just like a princess. Anyway it was great to see Morgan and Adam and I hope we can see them again soon!


P.S. the weather has finally decided to let summer come around. It is so nice and hot today! I love it! That is also why my girl's cheeks are red. I forgot sunscreen--bad mommy! But I put some in my bag so I will have it from now on!

From L-R (although I'm sure you've already figured this out) Adam, mini-Morgan, big Morgan and Sydney.

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Dave and Jana said...

I saw your name on Nikki's blog and wanted to say hi! It looks like life is good to you! Dave and I are in Texas now but I love to see what people are up to! I love Morgan too! She definetely is a good person to name your little girl after!