Saturday, October 25, 2008

Baby Ashlyn Is Here!!

My little sister Malory had her baby girl at 12:46 p.m. this afternoon via c-section because Ashlyn was breech. They tried to turn her last Tuesday but it didn't work. They actually tore a little bit of the placenta trying but it wasn't harmful to the baby because it was just a little bit and the placenta can actually repair itself. Anyway she came 2 weeks early and weighed in at a whopping 6 pounds even and was 20 inches long.

She is so tiny and cute!! She has just a little bit of hair. She had some breathing issues at first and required oxygen but after about 40 minutes she was breathing all on her own and finally got to go and see her mommy. My girls loved looking at her! Sydney didn't want to put her down. Here are some pics! Enjoy. (If any of our family want specific hospital information to call or send something, just email me privately.)

Welcome Ashlyn Paige!

~One of her first pictures.

~Holding daddy's finger.

~All hooked up to the monitors and holding daddy's finger.

~This is the first time Malory saw her.

~First family picture!

~More kisses from Sydney.

~Awww so sweet. I love that my hubby likes to hold babies. It is really cute.

~Morgan loving on her new little cousin.

~Sydney loves her so much. She has already asked several times if we can have another one.
~Precious face!


wendys said...

She's beautiful! Congratulations. I see a little family resemblance in those cousins.

Liza said...

Aww, she's beautiful!! Congrats to Malory!

MerandBrett said...

That's so exciting! Congrats!!!

Jen said...

how fun! She is gorgeous....congrats to the new parents!!!

carrie said...

congrats to Mal & Drew!! She is so precious! I love that she already has headband on! What a little fashionista!

Greg & Andrea said...

Tell your sis congrats! But I'm sooo sorry about the c-section. They are so awful! I'm really not looking forward to going through that again but I guess it's worth it when you see that sweet little baby. cute pictures, I really like her bow.

laurawh said...

So cute and a bow already! Congrats to your sister and family!

Adam & Tara said...

Congrats to Malory and Drew! She is a doll....I am jealous I need a girl our my family!!! :)
Yeah for Sydney to!!!! She is such a doll and such a trooper kuddos to her! I couldn't have that many shots!! :( I love your family pics to!! So so cute! Take Care!!!

Cram Corner said...

Hey you should find out if they used Lantus!! I have 2 boxes that have not been used (Thepen refills or they may already be pens I forgot) But I can just mail it to her in a cold pack or when my husband travels to Idaho (Rexburg) Maybe he could meet up with you or her to give it to her!! I have a ton of supplies that will just go to waste and I got it all for free!! Please let her know if you ever talk to her again!!!

Tara said...

how cute!! tell them i said congrats!! (i know drew) babies are so fun when are you going to have another?? haha