Friday, October 24, 2008

Fire Station Field Trip

Today Sydney's preschool took a field trip to the fire station where they learned a lot about fire safety. Morgan and I went as well and both girls had a great time! I think Syd looks so grown up in these pictures. She is so pretty...sniff little girl is growing up. Morgan looks really cute too but Morgan looks like a cute little kid. Syd just looks so much older.

~Morgan spraying a fire hose.

~Sydney spraying the fire hose.

~In front of the big fire truck tire. I couldn't get Morgan to open her eyes.

~Morgan in the fire truck.

~Sydney in the fire truck.

~They got to see a fireman in all his gear so they learned not to be afraid of them.


LsuFan said...

Looks like fun!! You are right Syd is looking so grown up must have been because she turned 5!! I still can't believe how tall she looks!! Such beautiful girls you have Shamae!

Megan said...

Sydney does look grown up in these pictures and oh so cute. :) Brought back memories looking at these, Sam and Kate loved that field trip last year. Such a fun preschool class!