Thursday, October 16, 2008


I know all parents say this but I can't believe Sydney is already 5! It seems like just yesterday my good friend Carrie and I were pregnant buddies together. Time goes so quickly. It just doesn't seem possible that she can already be 5 years old. I won't go all mushy on you so I will just get to the party and pictures. Thanks to our families who were able to make it! It is so wonderful to know that you guys are here for us and so supportive. It means a lot. Those who couldn't make it, I know you wanted to be there. We love all you guys!

~~Sydney is taking these cupcakes to her pre-school tomorrow. She wanted spider cupcakes and this is what we did! I think they turned out great! Morgan was really scared of them at first!
~This is the Leona barbie from the movie Barbie and the Diamond Castle. The girls have been fighting over it since she opened it! Syd wasn't excited at all about you can tell. :D
~Yay the Sleeping Beauty movie!
~My first skates! Thanks Jen and Kendra B. for giving us this idea! Syd saw little Kendra skating and has wanted some ever since. It was a great idea!
~Making her wish and blowing out the candles.
~The girls with their super fun Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Marc.
~The girls with Papa (their great-grandpa and he sure is great! We love him!)

~And last, but certainly not least, is our wonderful Grammy Linda.
We are sorry Grandpa Dan and Grandma Ruth couldn't make it tonight but we did think about you guys and wished you could have been here too.
Here are some pics of Syd over the past 5 years.



Happy Birthday Sydney! We love you so much!


Audrey said...

Cute pictures! I like Sydney a lot. She is a cute girl. Happy Birthday, Sydney. Also, I love the spider cupcakes.

Springer Family said...

Wow time flys! I can't believe you have a five year old...Crazy! Cute cupcakes and most of all cute kids!

Erin said...

Happy Birthday Sydney. Hope you have had that best birthday of your life. :)

Gloria said...

Happy 5th Birthday Sydney from your relatives in Hawaii!! Wish we could have been there to help you celebrate. Those spider cupcakes look delicious!
me ke aloha pumehana,
Rob, Gloria, and Sarah

Becky said...

Happy Birthday Sydney!! Caylee wants everything for her birthday that you got for yours :) Hope your class likes those cute cupcakes!

ashycam said...

Happy Birthday Syd. We wish we could have been there to help you celebrate. You are growing up so fast.

ashycam said...

Those cupcakes turned out so cute.

carrie said...

Happy Birthday Sydney! You're a beautiful young lady! I call dibs on your first date...wha ha ha! Jayden should be so lucky... hehehe Looks like a lot of fun! And your spider cupcakes look great Shamae!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday Sydney, you are a cutie too! Um that is supposed to be sung. Looks like fun with grandma and grandpa. Have a happy year!

Raney Family said...

Happy b-day Sydney! I love the cupcakes!

laurawh said...

Look at how she has grown! Can't believe our babies are 5!