Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Papa

Yesterday we went to my mom's house to celebrate my Papa being 78 years young! Everyone loves Papa! He has such a kind, caring demeanor about him. He makes everyone around him feel special. I hope we were able to make him feel special yesterday. Aunt Patti found the recipe for a cake he used to make her when she was younger (it was delicious too!) and my mom made a raspberry/white cake with a yummy raspberry glaze! Overall, it was a fun party. Everyone seemed to have a great time. The only damper to the party were the people who were missing. We missed Aunt Lauri and Aunt Debbie and their families. However, we did have a special treat when my cousin Brett and his wife Meredith showed up. We don't get to see them often so that was a lot of fun!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA!! Enjoy the pics.

~Blowing out the candles...all 15 of them. Ha ha

~Syd's gift to papa was playing the violin for him. She is so cute with that thing!

~My super cute niece Ashlyn! Seriously, how can you not love that sweet face!

~Syd and Morgan using cousin Tiffani as a horse.

~Me and my mamma.

~Ok so I added these pictures because it is so cute to watch Loren play with babies. He tries to put on a macho front, but he is such a sweet and lovable guy. I snapped some pics of him playing with Ashlyn and making her smile. What a guy! I love my man!!


Becki said...

Sooo cute!! Sounds like your grandpa had a great day. That is so cute of Loren with Ashlyn. Baylie has that same outfit. :)

Dawn said...

Syd is so cute with her violin. You should put a video clip up.

ashycam said...

It looks like he had lots of people who love him there. He must have thought it was pretty special for Syd to play her violin for him. Loren is pretty cute with babies. I remember him playing with Kayla and keeping her entertained so I could have a break some days. It's time for you to have another one I think:)

ashycam said...

Here's from Hannah:
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Hey Syd, I miss you! I love you and miss you. I know you miss me too.


wendys said...

(um, delete my last comment, there is the music at the bottom of the page!) I don't know why I was having trouble loading your page but it works fine now! Sorry for the rambling comments!

Jen B said...

Ah! That Loren is baby hungry! Too cute!