Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thoughts on this video?

This video was sent to me this morning via email from a Type 1 mom in my area. I suppose this is yet another reason why parents are working so hard to teach their diabetic children how to be advocates for their disease. This is a scary situation, thank goodness it ended well. Low blood sugars are something you just can't mess with. It seems this situation turned into a positive learning experience for the school (and hopefully the cook) and now they are that much more qualified to help their Type 1 students.

That being said, I can't say I am not bugged that this situation happened in the first place just because this is such a personal issue for us. I honestly don't think I would have made Sydney write a letter of apology to the cook. I would have had Sydney write a letter explaining why she needed those fruit snacks and what the consequences could have been without treating her low blood sugar. Education is the key.

What are your thoughts on this video and the situation?

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Sarah said...

That's so scary!

jen said...

Wow. This completely horrifies me and puts one more thing on my mental list of why I might want to consider homeschooling Addison when he is ready to start school! Type 1 is so much more complex than I ever knew as a "pedestrian" pre-diagnosis. It is important to educate the world and I think your idea about a letter that explains what type 1 diabetes is rather than an apology was an excellent one. Education IS key.

tiburon said...

I would be FURIOUS as a parent. Everyone at Ethan's school knows about his diabetes. But when there is a low - they need sugar - and hopefully someone could be understanding.

That isn't fair what they put her through.

Julie said...

Wow. Besides the obvious problems, I think one of the saddest parts about that story is that even when she explained why she needed the fruit snacks, she was punished. Why don't we just believe children anymore? Most of them don't even know about stealing. Pretty sad state when adults' cynicism affects the health and lives young children.

Rachel said...

I would have freaked out!!! The situation was badly handled. Let assume that the cook said that because she knew that she was diabetic and she thought that it would be too much for her to have 2 fruit snack... when she said that her blood sugar was low, she should have been brought to the nurses to see what was going on.

As for punishment, there would have been none in my house and Tristan would NOT have written that letter under any circumstances!

That really upsets me.