Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ahhh Good Times

Although it was a long day, today was pretty dang fun. We had to travel about 3 hours south of my house for a quick little day trip with a doc appt and then a diabetes kickoff luncheon. It was lots of fun! It was a little lonely cause Loren was working 7 hours away but my friend Stacey was lots of fun to hang with and helped make up for my missing link! I wish I would have got more pics of the day but I forgot my camera was in my bag! After the luncheon we went to an outdoor mall and let the girls run around in the fountains. They had a blast. Morgan didn't get too awfully wet. She was more of a spectator. Syd, however, loved the water and her sugars stayed perfect (low 100s) the whole time! She was around 120 before playing in the hot sun and she was only 112 toward the end. Gotta love that! If only those good numbers would never end. :-)

~Morgan hardly EVER looks at the camera when you tell her to smile. lol

~Syd all soaked!

~Stacey spoiled them and bought a cotton candy shaved ice. They loved it! Thanks Stace.


We were driving I mentioned it was about a 3 hour drive. We were in the middle of nowhere (literally!) and Syd starts whining and this is the conversation that follows:

"Sydney what is wrong?" (I was a little annoyed because they were getting ornery from sitting in the car.)
"What? What on earth is your hand stuck in. You are buckled up!"
"I dropped my Tinkerbell phone by the door and I reached for it and my hand got stuck."
"Well try to wiggle it or use your other hand to pull it out."
"It doesn't work. It's really stuck mom! It's starting to hurt."
"Well we are ten miles from an exit (and I'm using the term "exit" loosely. There were no services at that exit. It was just an off ramp that led to endless farmland and an on ramp.) Sydney you are just going to have to wait."

Eventually I come to an exit and stop. Of course I have to take a picture first because it was pretty funny. (Let the mud slinging begin about my obsessive picture taking. Just remember if they are in danger, I don't take time to snap the picture but she wasn't in danger. It was just funny. I wanted to document it for posterity. :-) After the pictures I open the door and free her hand. That's when I realize that she was holding onto the phone the whole time and that is why her hand was stuck! If she would have let go on the phone her hand would have been free 10 miles earlier.

~The stuck hand.


Shannon said...

It was so awesome meeting you! It looks like you guys had a fun day!

That is really funny about her getting her hand stuck! Kids are just too silly!

J.R. and Michelle said...

I love that she would rather have her hand stuck than lose the tinkerbell phone again. LOL!

Stace said...

i'm so glad you guys came down! it was fun to see you all again - and i had a blast too. nice to get out of the office for the afternoon and have a snow cone with a few of my fav peeps!

Rachel said...

LOL that's funny. Lesson learned for next time:

- Sydney are you holding on to something? Ok honey, let go!! :) LOL

wendys said...

That is funny!