Friday, July 31, 2009

Lessons Learned While Camping...

Today I got back from what will most likely be my last camping trip of the summer. This particular trip was with our church youth group (girls only.) I was a little hesitant to leave my family for 4 days while I was gone but, rest assured, they survived--as did I. I actually ended up having a great time. Many memories made. There were several different church groups at our particular camp. It made for a lot of fun pranking and flag swiping. I am going to compose a blog with more pictures in the near future but, for now, I have compiled a list of 20 things I learned at Girl's Camp.

1--In sign language it is easy to confuse the words "testicles" and "maybe." I will NOT make that mistake again.

2--Excess lighter fluid can cause major fire flames--some of which cause DO cause blisters.

3--Boiling water in a metal pot on a camp stove gets just as hot as it does on a gas range. So I would recommend not touching it with bare hands. It hurts.

4--Hiding water guns in your pants for a "secret water gun assault" is a good idea as long as the water guns don't leak. Then it looks like you wet your pants AND your weapon is out of ammo.

5--When visiting the camp restroom at 3 am and there are a bunch of giggling girls putting Kool-aid in the shower heads, saran wrap on the toilet seats, and hair gel on door handles it is best to turn a blind eye.

6--Camp grounds echo. Be careful what you say.

7--Contrary to popular stereotypes, girls DO like to play with real live frogs. (Maybe they are taking fairy tales to seriously and searching for Prince Charming?)

8--My sleeping bag was not warm. It felt as though I might lose limbs to frostbite.

9--Super Soakers live up to their name. I got Super Soaked...compliments of Kelly P. I am in the process of taking applications for those who think they can help me launch a massive retaliation on him. Send your application via email.

10--Cold showers are not fun but at least I wasn't greasy and stinky.

11--Eating too many starbursts, sour patch kids, and other sugary sweets will make me puke. It was not fun.

12--Good friends make trips like these a blast. I've said it before but I think I have some of the best friends in the whole world. It was fun playing teenager again...albeit with added responsibilities.

13--Having a secret supply of caffeinated drinks are a must in this type of situation.

14--When it is 3 a.m. and you see shadows sneaking through your campsite near your tent--most assuredly working on a prank--it is ok to yell at them.

15--When the above mentioned pranksters turn out to be from your own group it is ok and to apologize for the yelling. Then offer encouragement in their flag stealing endeavors.

16--"Graciously" and "Gently" are two words you don't want to confuse when telling someone how to apply lighter fluid to briquettes...unless your wanting the lighter fluid applier to do some ballet while attempting to squirt the coals.

17--When asking a hearing impaired person where the bathroom is, don't confuse "toilet" with "Tuesday." It could cause demise to your pants if you were in a dire "toilet-needing" situation.

18--Skits are fun. I'm waiting for the vid and will attempt to post it here.

19--Pregnant people named Jessie can be fun to camp with and not toss and turn so ferociously that they wake me up. (I was worried about this.) I now know a pregnant person who is 8 months along can camp and camp with a smile! In fact, giggling and chatting til 3:30 in the morning with this particular chica made me feel like I was 16 and at a slumber party again. It was great fun.

20--Girls who don't head their leader's advice on removing food from their tent can have small visitors in the form of chipmunks who invade their tent in the middle of the night.

P.S.--On a side note--call it number 21 on my list if you wish--being gone for 4 days allows my google reader to accumulate over 75 posts. I apologize for not being speedy at responding to them all. That is quite a few to filter through!


Amy said...

HAHA! So funny- so glad you had a great time and had a break from all the "d-stuff"! I can't wait to see more pics!

Springer Family said...

Sounds like a great time had by all! Glad you survived :)

Wendy said...

I LOVE THIS POST!!!!! Good work :)

Girl's Camp ROCKS :) # 1 totally cracked me up...

Priscilla said...

I'll be the first to enlist in that water war against Kelly! My pants were still wet when I got home! I'm keeping score. It was a blast!!

AjsMommy82 said...

LOL!!! Sounds like you had a great time! So glad you were able to get away and enjoy yourself!

wendys said...

You are a trooper! Your girls are lucky to have such a dedicated leader.

The Bartschi's said...

lol I love your list! I even had to read it to Kris!

tiburon said...

All very good lessons - I am going to print this list out and refer to it - if I ever get to go to Girls Camp...

Dawn said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I am going to have to share that list with Haylie when she gets home from Maryland. Maybe help her with ideas for next year :)