Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Question of the Day

I hold a garage sale every summer but rarely do I actually go out and shop other garage sales. Maybe if there were a big ticket item I wanted/needed and didn't have the money for then I might go. But, in general, garage sales just aren't interesting or fun for me and if I don't know the cleanliness of the person selling--well they kinda creep me out. That being said, I have some great friends who are garage sale gurus and they find the coolest things! I am just not as brave or cool as them to do my own garage sale searching.

Do you shop at garage sales? How often? Do you have an item in mind when you go?


Micah and Jen said...

I "use" to be the garage sale queen back in AZ. I LOVED it! You could find awesome stuff for way cheap and in REALLY good condition! Most of my baby toys (the big stuff) is from garage sales....my saucer, my swing ($15 for a $125 swing that is like brand new!) and nope, I usually just happen to run across one and see something that interests me. I use to shop them every Saturday, but don't here....I think I have enough junk to hold one of my own finally! :)

Micah and Jen said...

PS--I NEVER buy clothes at garage sales....have a weird thing about that. I ONLY buy things I can use massive amounts of clorox on to get it good and clean! :)

Andersen Family said...

I never shopped at garage sales until we moved to Vegas-I think it was a space issue. Now that we have a garage I don't mind picking up stuff that has "potential" but not immediate use. This year we've scored some great stuff including a lawn mower, practically new telescope, end tables and a car seat all for super, uber cheap. I love garage sales!

Wendy said...

We're garage sale-ers :)

Unfortunately, we don't get out for them often, but we have so much fun when we do.

I'd say toys are the thing we pick up the most...last year the girl's entire Christmas was made up from hand-me-downs and they didn't have a clue!

Shannon said...

Ok, I just found your blog and watched the video....I cried! My daughter Brooklyn was diagnosed in November. We just barely got a pump and life seems SO much better already!

I have a blog too feel free to stop by! www.thecrazygoodlife.blogspot.com

I would love to keep in touch! Our girls are the exact same age!

Emma said...

We don't do garage sales very often...usually if we're out on a Sat. morning and see something, we'll stop. But it has to catch my eye.

My husband doesn't like to buy clothes from garage sales either (but I told him it's just like buying at DI)

Sorry I missed you at the park yesterday, I was canning massive amounts of cherries. I should be around today though.

Kasi Lee said...

I definitely hear you on this one. One of my friends shops every weekend and has developed a grand garage-selling scheme. She is great at it. I tried a couple of weekends ago and found some good buys, but I still have a hard time not getting grossed-out at times. I just never know! Dane told me I was not a good at garage-selling when I told him "we really don't need that right now" to everything we seemed to find.

Amy said...

I enjoy going if I can get up early enough to catch the good bargains! Fairbanks has GREAT garage sales due to the military nature of the community. I typically don't buy clothes, but will buy other things. I found THE cutest lamp for the girls room for a mere $2 a few weeks ago.

Wendy said...

Hi Shamae :)
Yeah...all the D stuff that wasn't waterproof was ruined at our little impromptu party the other day. It was a bummer.

Since we just switched from Cozmo to Animas, I had a CozMonitor (the meter that attaches to the pump) to spare. I also happened to have an unopened, never used MM Paradigm -- it was donated to our support group from a community member. The Freestyle Lite meter did end up drying out and worked fine later in the evening.

Thank goodness we only lost 1 pump!!!! Cozmo and Animas are both waterproof and Kelly had reconnected since the moms were out of the water chatting. That just left Maddison's MM...man that could have been a disaster!!!!!

But it wasn't :)

God is good!!!!

periwinkle4 said...

If I happen to find a garage sale then I may look and if there is something I could use for a great price then I'll buy it. And I do buy clothes that aren't stained or ripped but if the garage sale smells at all, then I just walk on by. But I'm not like a garage sale pro. I should sell more of our stuff. But then I'd have to get over my emotional attatchment to my kids' toys.