Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday

So much to be grateful for this week. Where do I begin!

1) I am thankful for canned spaghetti sauce. I know this sounds silly but here is my reasoning. We have been SO busy lately, and spaghetti makes a quick, easy meal. I brown ground turkey, open a jar and wala! My sauce is complete and ready to serve over noodles!

2) I am thankful for air conditioners. Our 4 weeks worth of thunderstorms and March temperatures have subsided and 85 degree weather is setting in. Need I say more?

3) I am thankful for the kid at Walmart who was in the cart in front of us. Morgan was being a PILL that day but this kid was throwing a downright fit. Hitting. Spitting. Biting. Clawing. Yelling. Screaming. And it made me feel better about Morgan's little attitude because, compared to him, she was an angel. :-)

4) I am thankful for the impulse buying shelves at the above mentioned store. I was out of IB Profen. Morgan was being a pill. By the time I realized I forgot the meds I was in line and ready to go. Thanks to the impulse buying shelves, I saw the goods and was able to purchase them for future use.

5) I am thankful for people who are passionate about finding a cure for Type 1 Diabetes like THIS super, awesome, wonderful chica who raised enough money to participate in a JDRF 100 mile bike ride for the cure. She blew her knee out at mile 62 but her dedication is awesome! She deserves a pat on the back and a round of applause!

Now it's your turn. What things are you grateful for on Thankful Thursday?


wendys said...

You are setting a record for blog posts, keep it up! I am thankful I can get off work early and spend time with my kids.

Dawn said...

I too am thankful for canned spaghetti sauce.

I am also thankful that I have been able to spend the past year at home with the kids just being mom.

Julie said...

What is it about WalMart that always brings the worst out in kids? I'm also thankful to be a mom, moments of perspective, and blessings from Heaven.