Monday, August 10, 2009

Diabetes Day Camp 2009

Another successful Diabetes Day Camp has come and gone for Sydney. Click HERE to see last years camp. I love the opportunity Sydney has to go to this camp. She loves it. I'm just going to copy and paste my letter to the editor here which explains my thoughts and feelings about this event, as well as about our wonderful, dedicated diabetic educators.

I must take the time to commend Deb, Nancy, and the rest of the dedicated Diabetes Staff on another successful Diabetes Day Camp for the children in our area diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, an often misunderstood auto-immune disease.
My 5 year old daughter Sydney was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes a year and a half ago. These types of activities that promote positive self awareness and camaraderie among other kids facing the same daily challenges are both needed and appreciated in our community. I know the hard work Deb and Nancy put into each camp and I want them to know their work does not go unnoticed.
This day camp runs from 10 am until about 6 pm once a year. During that time Sydney has the opportunity to play with, eat with, and socialize with other kids who have Type 1 Diabetes. Sydney came home and told me she loves sitting down to eat lunch and ALL of the kids pull out their glucometers and check their blood sugar. She said, “I wasn’t the only kid checking my sugar and giving myself insulin mommy!”
Thank you Deb and Nancy. Thank you for your dedication to helping families like mine cope with this disease while we attempt to manage it on a daily basis. Thank you for being there for us, even after hours, when we are dealing with difficult side effects and consequences of this disease. Thank you for doing what you do. Support and commitment like yours are hard to find. We applaud and appreciate your efforts.

Shamae, Loren, Sydney, and Morgan

~Syd's t-shirt from camp this year. It says, "I'm too Sweet."

~Nancy and Deb with Syd--she loves those two ladies dearly!

~Me and the girls in line for dinner.

~Morgan was so excited to see her sister! She is so used to having Syd around. She was out of sorts all day without her.

~After camp we had a mini melt down when it was time to change Syd's site. Too much going on today and she was tired.

~But after it was changed she was smiling again.


Rachel said...

I am so jealous!!! I wish there was something like this closer to our house!!!! It's sucks living in the middle of nowhere!!!! LOL

J.R. and Michelle said...

That is so awesome that she has the Day Camp where she can go and do activities with other kids who are going through the same things she is. That's so cute how much Morgan missed Syd.