Monday, October 19, 2009

Brag On My Man Monday

I hope everyone has been having a good week! It seems each time I turn around I am 60 posts behind on google reader again. So if I haven't commented, don't feel neglected. I WILL get caught up again soon.

Ok so for my bragging post. On Friday, as you know, was Syd's birthday. If you are anything like me, you like to do a great cleaning job on your house when company is coming--just so it can be messed up and cleaned later on. :-) Well Loren was great and helped me clean the whole house. It was awesome! He usually helps me clean anyway but on days where I am stressed he makes an extra effort. Way to go! Clean house = happy Shamae = happy family.

What can you brag on?


phonelady said...

Nothing I have nothing to brag on Oh my god that sounds terrible does it not? we dont brag about anything . Oh well so much for what to brag about . thanks for sharing and posting .

Meri said...

My husband took all 4 boys to get flu shots last week. They had to wait in line for 45 minutes beforehand too...AND he didn't even groan when I asked him to do it. (I'll admit that the reason he didn't groan is because I had to go to a funeral, and my husband will do anything NOT to go to one.)