Friday, October 30, 2009

Flashback Friday

A fitting Flashback Friday on October 30. The Monster Mash. The song was written by a Mr. Bobby Pickett and was released way back in 1962. My mom was 2 years old. I would consider this song the "anthem" of the Halloween Holiday.

Meri--I know you hate this holiday with a passion but ya gotta show some love for The Monster Mash, right? It's a classic! :-)


phonelady said...

oh wow happy halloween and hope the girls have fun trick or treating . we dont have any goblins around here so no candy handing out this yr .

Meri said...

I have to confess!!!! I downloaded this song onto my ipod a few weeks ago...I am weak!!!!

Hallie said...

Yea! I love Halloween! Have a great weekend! Hope you have good weather!!