Friday, October 16, 2009


Sydney is now 6 years old. Wow. It's been a great 6 years with that munchkin. I love that little girl to pieces.

This morning mommy gut told me to check her sugar. It was about 6:20 so she was going to be up soon anyway. I went in there and she was laying awake with a giant smile. Our conversation went like this:

Syd (while I begin to check her sugar)--"Wow mom I feel 6 years old already!"

Mom (The glucometer beeps a low 57)--"So does feeling 6 years old kind of feel the same as being low?"

Syd--"Ya it really does mom!"

Mom--"That's because you are low Syd. Silly girl."

Syd--"Oh. haha I guess being six doesn't feel that different then. I just feel low."

Enjoy some pics of Syd over the past 6 years!

--1 month old

--Sydney's 1st birthday!

-Sydney's 2nd birthday with some of her spoils.

--Syd's 3rd birthday--sporting a little mermaid costume!

--Syd's 4th birthday!

--Syd's 5th birthday!

Pics to come soon from the big 6th birthday bash! Happy birthday Sydney--we love you!! (The formatting is being strange and I can't figure out how to fix I apologize.)


The Lane Family said...

She just gets cuter and cuter!!! Happy 6th Birthday!! I love your converstation that you had with her when you went in to check her blood cute!!!

The 4th birthday looks like it was at Ridge Crest commons??? :)

A.L. said...

She's such a sweet and beautiful daughter! You're so blessed~~

KLTTX said...

Happy Birthday to Sydney!

Amy said...

Sweet pictures!!! :) Happy Birthday to you Sydney!!! Loads of (((HUGS))) from Alaska!

Wendy said...

SO CUTE!!!!!!

Happy Birthday, SYD!!!!! Enjoy your special day :)

Micah and Jen said...

Happy birthday Syd and hope you get LOTS of really great stuff today! :)

Nicole said...

lol the things kids cute!!

If six feels the same as being low I really don't think she will want to see what 30 feels like!! lol
Happy Birthday Sydney :)

laurawh said...

Happy Birthday Sydney!!!!

Meri said...

What a cutie pa tootie!

Happy Birthday Sydney!!!!

Rachel said...

Happy birthday Sydney. Enjoy your day. Tristan says: Happy birthday Sydney, I hope you enjoy it.

tiburon said...

Happy Happy Birthday Syd!! I hope you have a superfantastic day!! :)

J.R. and Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Sydney!!!!

wendys said...

Happy Birthday!

Liza said...

Happy birthday to Sydney! She is so cute!