Thursday, November 19, 2009

I don't want to sound redundant but...

2 more articles showed up in today's paper!! I am thrilled with the number of letters they have published about this issue! It's so cool!! Today's letters were written by the lovely and talented Meri and Wendy...both T1 moms. Both hold a special place in my heart. Thanks girls!

"Barber Letter"

Dear Fellow Humans,

Regarding Mr. Barber's experience at Burger King on Oct. 3, 20099, I would like to ask why he was "shocked and appalled" after witnessing a child giving himself an injection?

If there was a child wearing oxygen tubing, would that have "shocked and appalled" you?

If there was a child having an allergic reaction requiring an emergency injection of epinephrine, would that have "shocked and appalled" you?

If there was a choking child who needed help, would that have "shocked and appalled" you?

I will concede that neither you nor I know exactly what was in that syringe. However, considering that this "offensive" injection occurred at the time this child was going to eat, I am assuming it contained insulin. Since you describe him as "a boy," I am also assuming that this "offensive" injection was necessary for the management of his Type 1 Diabetes (T1D).

Insulin is a hormone that is necessary for SURVIVAL. A child with T1D has a pancreas that does not produce insulin. Without those insulin injections, these children will DIE.

DIE! Much like what would happen if you take away oxygen from a child who needs it. Or not administering an epinephrine injection to a child who needs it. Or not responding to a choking victim who needs help.

T1D is NOT caused by eating too much sugar. It is also NOT caused by lack of physical exercise, poor diet, or an otherwise sedentary lifestyle. In fact, no one really knows WHY some children develop T1D. Innocent children are diagnosed with this difficult disease every day. NO child is immune to the risk.

I certainly hope it won't be a child that you love next.

Now, Mr. Barber, I'm sure you're a very nice guy. In light of this horrible misunderstanding, I'm sure you'll take a few moments to donate generously to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation ( and/or to the American Diabetes Association ( to help rid the world of T1D.

After all, we wouldn't want you to spend the rest of your life being offended at this type of thing.

Wendy R. Arizona


I was just made aware of your letter dated Oct. 25 in regards to a young boy giving himself a shot at a Burger King. Let's just assume that this young boy was NOT protected by the Americans with Disability Act and let's continue to assume that we live in an age where hiding and being ashamed of a disease or illness was in vogue. Even if these barbaric circumstances were true I feel sorry for the gentleman who wrote that letter.

He is surely grossly uneducated and has no clue what the word EMPATHY means. While Mr. Barber was busy being DISGUSTED by this boy's courage and self-sufficiency, did he for even one minute think about what kind of life that this young boy must lead? Did he know that if this boy was a Type 1 Diabetic that he must inject himself with insulin immediately before his meal to stay alive and healthy?

I would also like to say that a young child who picks his nose or puts his fingers in his mouth is incredibly more unsanitary than this young man giving himself a shot. Were bodily fluids spread? Was blood squirting all over the table? And for this writer to even insinuate that this young man must think of other's past experiences over the awful experiences that THIS BOY must go through, many times a day, to keep himself moving and living, it is so incredibly sad.

The man complaining writes, "People go through a lot in their life." What about this boy's life? Is it of no consequence? No, sir who wrote this awful letter, THANK YOU! Thank you for totally ruining my day with your ignorance and selfishness.

Meri S. California

Well done ladies! Fabulous job! I'm so proud of everyone supporting this cause!


Joanne said...

Woo-hoo Wendy and Woo-hoo Meri! Great letters, both of you!

You guys ROCK!

Micah and Jen said...

Thanks so much for sharing all the letters. It really makes me smile and I hope this guy is feeling like crap! he should! :) And maybe he can get his life worked out for the better because of all of this!

Amy said...

Yeah Meri and Wendy!!!! I'm ready to take my boxing gloves out now!!! :)

Thanks for posting these Shamae!!

Meri said...

Horray!!! Horray!!!

Your city paper rocks! Not many papers would continue to publish all these letters. :)

I am sure, by now, Mr. Barber wishes he would have sent that letter anonymously. He will forever be remembered when one of us blogs..."You know, like the Mr. Barber's of the world..." In fact I wouldn't be surprised if Webster's Dictionary put's his name inside their covers...

Mr. Barber: One who is selfish, insensitive and has no empathy.

phonelady said...

yowza !!! I have said it once and I will say it again . We are a force to be reckoned with us d mom bloggers . Congrats ladies !!! Good Job Meri and Wendy both of whom I follow on their blogs .

Wendy said...


That's so cool :)

Thanks, Shamae...YOU ROCK!

Laura Houston said...

You go girls! WOW - all of these letters are amazing. D moms ROCK!

The Lane Family said...

I love how one of the diabetes mom's invited Mr. Barber to donate to the JDRF, very good idea!!