Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I know I have missed the last couple Thankful Thursdays, not due to my lack of gratitude however, just because I've been busy. Generally by the time I remember that I forgot, it's too late! So, without further commentary, here are some items that make my me feel grateful...

1) Sydney and Morgan's bedtime. I don't think I really need to explain this one! By the time the day winds down I savor a few precious hours of peace and quiet with my hubby. Bliss! I love hanging with my girls during the day, but I am loving bedtime. :)

2) Books. I love to read. Anyone who knows me knows this. I love to escape in the magical world of reading!

3) I find lots of easy, great recipes on this site. They are all rated by everyday peeps like us. It is easy to peruse through and has given my family many a great meals!

4) Texting. I know this is a sensitive subject but I love the texting option. It's great when you don't want to make small talk that I always feel obligated to make when on a phone call. I like to send off a text and get right to the point. No I am not unsocial...I just like this option.

5) Bath and Body Works falls scents oils for my oil warmer. I love scent things. Candles. Oils. Lotions. Perfumes. Body sprays. Needless to say, Bath and Body gets a decent chunk of our annual salary. I love the fall scents! They are my favorite!

Your turn! What are you grateful for this week?


wendys said...

Everything and Anything? My Job. Kids. Husband. Friends.

Stace said...

Fall Leaves is probably my favorite scent from BBW ever! followed very closely by the perfect winter. mmmm...and i love the cozy feeling of burning a candle.

have you smelled twilight woods? lovin that one as well!

phonelady said...

greatfull for my hubby and a roof over my head . all of my internet friends and my pen pals . I am gratefull for my eyes because I love to read . thanks for reminding me of the things I have shamae . God bless you and your family .

Wendy said...

Being able to chat online live with 10 other D Moms ;)

Meri said...

Hello! I love bath and body works "warm vanilla sugar" scent!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE bedtime! 8:30 baby!

And I just read a great book! The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.

I'm not into texting yet, but according to my endo that is how J should be sending me his numbers everyday. Not by phone call. :(

And I go to All recipes at least twice a week. Made an awesome roast beef from it Tuesday.

I know, it totally looks like I copied you, but hey, it is what it is. :)