Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 Part 2

Well another Thanksgiving has come and gone. Good times with the fam! Here are a few pics for your viewing pleasure! You can find the rest on facebook, along with the ones from when my sisters stole my camera and took pics. If you steal my camera and take funny pics, I put them on facebook--just as an FYI. :)

Hope you all had great Thanksgivings too!! Next stop--Christmas!

~Me, my sister Krystal, baby Ashlyn and my mom.
~Krystal's hubby Mike and Miss Sydney.
~My mom and stepdad Marc.
~Loren and my brother Too-Tall...ahem...I mean Gabe.
~Me and my niece Ashlyn. This little girl has everyone wrapped around her finger.
~This was after my aunt Patti smacked Morgan in the eye with the serving tray full of turkey. She felt bad about it and Loren took a picture.


phonelady said...

Oh crap hit with a tray full of turkey . Man oh man I bet that hurt . and that cutie in the pink , well of course she has everyone wrapped around her finger cause look at all that cuteness . and wow your mom does not look old enough to have kids your age . woo hoo glad you had a good time .

Wortham Family said...

Glad you guys had a good thanksgiving are you all ready for christmas?

The Lane Family said...

Crap..that is not a great way to start dinner by getting hit in the eye.

Your brother is really tall and it looks like you have a wonderful and terrific family. Now the march to Christmas begins!!!