Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Time for a Shout Out!

Meet Jessie.

Mother to 2 little girls--Kamryn & Jordyn.
Wonderful wife to her super cool husband Kelly.
Real estate agent guru.
Lover of chocolate, pepsi (not coke), and pancakes.
Fellow Twilight enthusiast.
Shopping aficionada and...

Best friend to Shamae.
~I know in the diabetes world we all want and pray for that certain friend who loves your kids as their own. They pick you up when you're down. Pat you on the back when you do something well. Make you laugh when you want to cry but lend their shoulder when you can't hold back the tears. And, in my situation, learn how to check blood sugars, count carbs, figure insulin doses, give shots, change infusion sets. Bottom line: they learn all about this crazy disease we call diabetes.

Jessie gets a standing ovation in my book for being that friend. Last night she volunteered to watch Syd and Morgan so Loren and I could enjoy a nice date--which, Enjoy. We. Did! We had such a fun time and I didn't worry about Sydney once. Jessie did great counting carbs and figuring out her ratios and how much insulin she needed. Well done Jessie and thank you. So here is your shout out! Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame on my blog. :-) Love ya girl!
(Note: these pictures were taken at a wonderful New Moon Party we attended on Saturday. Blog post about that soon to come.)


:) Tracie said...

I'd like to order a Jessie please!

That's wonderful that you have a friend like that! A great blessing indeed!

Hallie said...

Jessie, you rock! Thanks for being such an awesome friend!!
New Moon party?!? Do tell.... I'm slightly addicted! :). Did you "accidentally" go home with those cardboard pics? :). Lovin it!!!

phonelady said...

that is awesome I would die for a friend like that and dont have one and soon I hope after I move to Ohio or wherever I will have a great friend like this person .

The Lane Family said...

What a AWESOME friend. I remember once being told that friends may come and go but a True Friend will Last forever.

I think you certainly have found a true friend!!

I love the Boys with Jessie to cool!! I see the word Funeral Home behind her head so I can hardly wait to hear about this super cool party!!

Rachel said...

Ok, I will get in line behind Tracie. An order of Jessie please! :)

You are extremely lucky. Adam and I haven't had any significant amount of time away from Tristan since he was diagnosed in 2005. Not a dinner out just the 2 of us, not a movie..... nothing!! Nobody knows (or in my opinion wants to learn) how to manage his diabetes.

So Jessie.... thanks for being THAT friend to Shamae! Good for you guys! :)

So when are you coming over Jessie?

Laura Houston said...

I would like Jessie too!! Does she travel? Dallas is great this time of year! And . . . I'm a Twilight addict too! I'm Team Edward . . . and you??

Seriously, Jessie is awesome and I wish we all had friends like Jessie!!
Jessie, you rock!!!!

AjsMommy82 said...

She had me at likes Pepsi (not coke)!!!
So so gald you have such a great friend!

Meri said...

I too love me my Pepsi. :)

I saw New Moon tonight with my SIL (My jessie)...and I was not disappointed. :)

I'm glad you have eachother...your two wonderful's go together perfectly!

Anonymous said...

I do like to travel and will take oreders! But seriously I'm just glad I can help! I know I'd want someone there for me if I was in the same boat...oh wait...Shamae does watch my kids every week for 3 days! She leaves out that part of course but just as you all know...she is an amazing person, mom, wife, and of course friend!