Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning Funnies

Time to share some funny moments from Christmas 2009.

Morgan asked for a pirate ship with an octopus, a firetruck, and Lincoln Logs.

Sydney wanted a plastic nativity set she could play with (because we won't let her play with our glass one--go figure) and she wanted a real cd player.

Christmas morning Sydney was playing with her nativity. Sydney said, "Look everyone came to see the baby Jesus and then we heard Morgan yell from across the room, "Well wait for us pirates! We wanna see too!" Pretty soon the pirates were also in the stable worshiping the baby Jesus. Not long after the fur trader and cowboy from the Lincoln Logs were there as well. It was funny,

So the stable had the usual occupants, Mary, Joseph, Jesus, 3 wise men, a couple sheppards, and the animals. Of course the girls nativity has a few additions. 2 pirates (1 with a peg leg), a fur trader, and a cowboy who have also come to pay respects to the newborn king.

Gotta love kids. Christmas day we went and saw Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel. It was really cute! We laughed a lot. Anyway, enjoy the pics.

~Syd, Morgan, and my niece Ashlyn waiting to be let out of their room to see their spoils from Santa.

~The new robes from Grandma accompany the slippers from Santa and new PJ's from mom and dad. Wow you would think we coordinated with each other. (wink wink) ~Morgan and her coveted pirate ship.
~And firetruck.
~Syd and her plastic nativity.

~The pirates, wild west comrades, and the traditional nativity visitors. :-)

I hope your Christmas was wonderful! What did you do? How did you celebrate?


phonelady said...

Morgan is the daughter I never had no girly junk for her huh LOL !!!I love that girl she is so awesome . Im glad you all had a great christmas . we drove out to beach and it was rainy .

Tracy said...

OMG! How cute are they?! Adorable!

Glad you guys enjoyed your Christmas!

Josie and Wayne said...

Ok, so the thing I find funniest about your girls is the fact that Morgan wanted a pirate ship, firetruck, and lincoln logs. Wayne would love to switch girls with you. He doesn't quite know how to handle our little Audrey who wants princess dress up clothes, make-up, and pink polka dot camera's. With a mom like me, I honestly don't know where she came from!

Hallie said...

How cute! The girls looks darling!! Love those robes! And I absolutely LOVE that the pirates came to worship! Perfect! :)

KLTTX said...

So cute. Morgan's list sounds just like Davis' a few years back. She's a tom-boy, isn't she? Where did you get that pirate ship? It's awesome.

Amy said...

Great pictures Shamae!!! I love the gifts....what a great Christmas!!!

carrie said...

OH my heck, I love Morgan!! How great & funny that she asked for a pirate ship & fire engine!! lol She is making up for having no brothers to ask for that stuff. She rocks! Cute pics, Shamae! Glad you guys had a great Christmas!!

Becky said...

How fun! I took the twins to walk around walmart yesterday so I could see what they might want for their birthday and Madalyn wants that same pirate ship! Looks like your girls had a great Christmas!

Laura Houston said...

Morgan reminds me so much of my Sophie. She wanted the Handy Manny tool bench and Lincoln Logs too. Last year she wanted a train table.

Too Cute.

Love seeing your pics. Your girls are precious!!

I hope this note finds you doing well. Happy New Year!!

Meri said...

How in the world did I miss this post???!!

Hey...I bet if there were cowboys and pirates back in the day of Jesus' birth, they would have come to worship him. Cowboys and pirates looked to the sky's all the time. They would have know that the new star was special. Your girls are smarties!

Hope you are doing well today. Resting and recouperating SOUNDS fun...but I know it isn't easy.

Happy new year dear Shamae!

The Lane Family said...

I loved this darn funny and I can just see Morgan telling everyone to wait for the pirates and cowboys!!!

I love their robes and the picture at the start is so funny with the three girls behind the gate!!

It looks like a wonderful Christmas!!