Friday, January 15, 2010

School time blues, I mean lows

Yesterday morning I got a call from Syd's school nurse saying that Syd felt low before she had arrived. The nurse usually gets there about 10 to check syd before recess and then again before snack so she can give her insulin. Syd felt low shortly after 9 and checked herself and went to tell the kindergarten aid that she was 37. Her classroom has a laminated sheet of paper hung on the wall telling them what to do in the event of a low...what to feed her based on her numbers. And we have a tote we keep filled with fruit snacks, juice boxes, glucose tabs, glucagon, glucose gel, and tootsie rolls. So they handled her properly and effectively. I just feel bad that I wasn't the one to take care of her. (Not that this is her first low at school. She drops low often but this is the lowest she's been there.) BUT I also realize this is a good growth opportunity for her and another step toward her independence with her diabetes. The nurse also told me she was having a hard time recovering. Her numbers were back up again but she was still sluggish and just slow bouncing back. Sometimes that happens when she has low lows. But by the time she got home she was her bouncy, perky self. I took this pic for the blog.

Also, I'm back to working on my little project so if you have any pics of you or your kid doing something diabetes related like checking sugars, weighing food, bolusing, etc, etc, email them to me please! My email is in my profile. Take care guys.

This number always frightens me because that's what her glucometer read Dec. 08 when she had her seizure because of her low sugars. It was late at night and resulted in a little hospital stay. Scary stuff. But it's all good now.



Meri said...

Syd's face is priceless in this pic! That is exactly the face I would have had if I had seen that number!

I'm so proud of her for feeling her low, and then going to an adult for help. That is awesome!!

Rachel said...

Dude seriously this is so freaky! I just send you a tweet saying that last night when we went to bed T was at 37!!!!! How freaky is that... both our kids had 37 within 24 hours of each other!

I hate those numbers. Sometimes it affects Tristan, sometimes it doesn't at all! Freaks me out!

wendys said...

That's great that the school was able to correct it correctly! She is too cute.

Laura Houston said...

1st of all Syd is so stinkin' cute!!
then 2nd - yuck - - - don't like 37!

I think it awesome though that she felt the low and everyone handled it so well. I'm taking notes and getting ready for Nate's school days. I like the poster on the wall and the bag of goodies for correcting.


Feel better -


phonelady said...

Yeah syd is so cute . 37 is not nice . I hate those . yeah she did good at school kuddos to her .

sarefamily said...

It's nice to know you have a nurse at the school that you can depend on so you don't have to worry all day long....

:) Tracie said...

Woah....37. No likey the lows.

How proud are you that she handled that? There's a first that'll go down in the low books for your family! Not to mention that everyone's awareness just got better, so a good thing from a scary thing.

Wendy said...

Im so glad that she and the school handled everything so well. It makes me feel a little better about when the time comes that i have to send my little man off to school all day. Hes in preschool right now and those days are stressful enough when im not with him. She did a great job!! Im sorry to hear about her seizure.. i dread the day we have to deal with that. Thank you for your posts. I love reading every one of them!

tiburon said...

It is so scary. I hate it.

I am sorry :(
How many pictures do you need ?

I have way more than I would care to have!