Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My American Idol Picks

Last year I did several "American Idol picks" blogs! Now, we are at the top 6 and I think a blog post is warranted. I thought last night was a GREAT show! If you missed it, here is a re-cap for ya! Shania Twain night. I loved how most of them took the country song and did away with the country sound of it. They made it there own. don't get me wrong, I enjoy some country music, however, it was great to hear these songs in a different venue. One of my favs this season is the beautiful Lee Dewyze. This is his take on "You're Still the One."

Michael Lynche has a great voice too--although I am getting tired of sappy, love songs! This is his version of "It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing."

My favorite this season, however, is Crystal Bowersox. She is awesome! AND she holds a special place in my heart because she, like Sydney, has Type 1 Diabetes. I didn't enjoy her performance last night but here is the link to one of her performances that I loved! To see more of her talents, youtube her!

So, who are your A.I. picks and why? Go American Idol!


Jennifer said...

My picks...

I am hoping that Crystal and Lee make it to the final two. Crystal can sing, every week without fail and Lee has a unique sound. I hope that Crystal wins. Of course she has D and is a single mom so I am routing for her. But she is consistantly the best.

I absolutely do not care for Shioban or Aaron. Aaron is very nerdy (for lack of a better word) and Shioban is too slow...even last night's fast paced song, she wasn't on the right notes. She needs to go!

I like when Casey sings a slower song like last night but not anything else. Mike can go, he is boring.

Lora said...

Lee is my fav!! I like Crystal too, but i agree that last night wasn't her best.

I think Michael and the blond pretty boy need to go!

Donna said...

Crystal is my favorite too... I also like Shioban. I think of them all she is actually the most vocally talented... she just has trouble using her instrament from time-to-time. The judges loved her last night, but I thought it was totally the wrong song for her.

When it comes right down to it, though, I would like to see Crystal win it. :o)

Misty said...

Lee is my #1 pick!!! Crystal and Casey are my other top picks. I am hoping for a Lee/Crystal finale. I agree that Michael has a good voice, but I am a little bored with his performances. And how did I miss that Crystal has D? Wait til I tell Ally, she is a blooming America Idol fan herself!

Meri said...

Last night was the first night that I really sat down and watch the whole show. I'm usually glued to my seat, but it hasn't been exciting enough this year for me to be glued to the TV. But I can say, that I 100% agree with all of your picks...for the same reasons!!

Great minds think alike I guess. :)

Hallie said...

I like Lee! I LOVE his voice! I like Crystal too. She's from Ohio and has T1 - I mean, how can I NOT like her. And she can sing, too. BUt Lee's my fav!

Amy said...

Crystal ALL the way!!

Rosa said...

I am thinking Crystal has this season. She really is the only one with consistancy. She is very talented.

Reyna said...

I don't watch it...but just wanted to comment and tell ya...I love ya girl!!!

How is Syd?

Hope your favorite pics make it to the end!