Thursday, June 3, 2010


At the end of last summer my friend talked me into putting our girls in gymnastics together. It's been a fun adventure. Of course, once they started their gym feats AT gymnastics, they automatically thought that meant our living room could transform into a gymnastics class. We did manage to miss major injuries during the "my living room is a bounce house phase;" however, we didn't escape a bloody nose here and there along with a bruise now and again. But, it's all in the name of gymnastics so that makes it ok, right? ;)

Morgan is a hoot. She has no fear of anything. She assumes if she sees someone doing something, she can do it as well. That's one reason why we don't watch the olympics. :) j/k j/k. I'm actually pretty amazed with morgan: Amazed we have yet to need a cast for her. She doesn't even do "normal" somersaults. She just tucks her head and flips...doesn't even let her head touch the floor! She will hang by her knees from the monkey bars at our home and flip down. I physically can't watch her play on the swingset because she makes me so nervous by how aggresive she plays on it. She can also do cartwheels w/ barely touching the ground. She is quite the coordinated/athletic little 4 year old. She may be part monkey. We are looking into it.

Sydney is very precise with her movements. She is a perfectionist and tries to make each of her "tricks" perfect. Her cartwheels are slower but more fine tuned. She is more apprehensive about trying new things but, when she does, she tries her very best to make it mimic the instructors. Sometimes I think she feels a little put out by Morgan because Morgan is so daring and just does things w/out a second thought--and is very good at things she tries. We tell Syd not to discredit herself because, when she chooses to do something, it's done with precision, control, and accuracy. She is a great little gymnast.

I didn't get any pics from the actual recital...I have it on video though and it was a RIOT! Wish you all could see it. But here are a couple of pictures. Enjoy!!

~The girls w/ their little friend Kamryn. Well done girls!

Next sport: Swim lessons! Stay tuned!


The Herrigs said...

Gosh, your girls are beautiful!!

phonelady said...

gymnastics /sock monkeys and yes they are beautiful .

Jenni said...

Oh soooo cute! and makes me super excited for my girlies to get a bit older! :) Oh....and Mo looks JUST LIKE YOU in that last photo....that is exactly what I remember you looking like as a little girl!!!

Rosa said...

How cute! I have been begging Alivia to let me put pig tails in her hair. Thanks to how cute the girls look with theirs she may let me now! haha!~

Wendy said...

They're so gorgeous!!!!!!!! I love that they're little gymnasts :) SO SWEET :) :) :)

We've been doing swim lessons for the past 6 weeks and are having alot of fun with it. Can't wait to see them in the water!

Hope you're feeling well, my friend.