Thursday, June 10, 2010

Question of the Day...Be the Change

One of my favorite quotes says, "Be the change YOU want to see in the world." I thought, how fitting! How often do we march around wanting and expecting other people to change their thoughts/beliefs/behaviors/lifestyles/understandings (or lack thereof)? We expect others to make these big changes but we aren't always ready or willing to do the same with ourselves. We judge quicker than we should.

I'm raising my hand and saying, "Yes, I am sometimes guilty of this." Are you? It's easy to make 1,000 excuses why we fall victim to the above mentioned thought. It's easy to blame other people's lack of change as to why WE can't change.
Is that fair? No.
Is it the easier route? Yes.

So, what do we stand to gain if we stop making excuses? Well, first let's delve into some of the excuses we have. Why we can't get healthier? Or spend more time with our families? Or less time on the computer (an ironic statement considering where my behind is sitting right now as I type this post. Moderation in all things, yes?) Or trying to kick bad habits? Why we can't forgive people? Why we aren't more sympathetic and understanding of other's struggles? Why we are quick to judge but not listen? Etc, etc, etc.

How often have you been on the other end of people's excuses and how does it feel? Do you project your excuses on other people?

So, my Question of the Day is a confession of sorts. Go back to my original quote, "Be the change YOU want to see in the world."

What changes do you want to see? Choose something where the first step toward change can be in an area where you, first, start changing yourself?

Just think about the ripple effect you could cause. Pretty cool, eh?


alix said...

Hi Shamae
That is one of my favorite sayings. In fact my children would say that "mommy says that every day"
It gives us food for thought and empowers us not to complain or blame but rather reminds us that change begins with us! Which is not always an easy task :)

Thanks for this reminder

Wendy said...


Well, I took a stand against something I don't believe in and left it behind, even though there were painful consequences...does that count?

But RIGHT NOW....I'd like to do more to feed the hungry. Perhaps I'd have more to give, if I didn't eat so much for myself!

phonelady said...

what a great post . I love it .

The Lane Family said...

This is an Awesome post and and something that made me think about changes I can make today that will help my children, which thereby make effect generations!!!

That is where I will start my change!!