Thursday, August 12, 2010

Life's a Dance...

"Life's a dance you learn as you go.
Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow.
Don't worry 'bout what you don't know,
life's a dance you learn as you go."

Doesn't this resonate true for all of us during our life? At times we are leaders and we guide others with Type 1 knowledge or whatever your specific experiences allow you to lend a hand in. At times we are all followers, or rather "needers." We need other people to help and support us. Even after 2 1/2 years, sometimes I have questions. Type 1 is never fully understood and, therefore, it can throw even the most seasoned veterans for a loop. Syd's school has been an area where I feel I am hardly a leader and most definitely a "needer." We've never had a school experience where Type 1 wasn't involved. She was dx Feb of 2008...6 months before pre-school started.

I feel my blogging experience is a little unique. Many of the Type 1 mom's I've met online started their blog after the dx of their child. We use the blog as a way to release our feelings and emotions and to connect with other parents who understand. I feel I'm a little unique because my blog was up and running before T1 came along. I still remember getting home from the hospital and sitting down to update my blog about Sydney. I remember the posts from the weeks before her dx, not knowing anything was wrong. I didn't get involved with the DOC (diabetes online community) until about a year after her dx and, since then, I have met many wonderful moms and people on this same bumpy road and I've reconnected with so many people who aren't on this particular road but have tried to understand this disease and have found much love for my little Syd.

So, thank you. Thanks to all of you for being part of our "dance." For leading me when I needed you and for letting me guide you when you've needed it. That's what life's about--and we all are still learning as we go.

Here are a few pictures of times where someone out there has inspired or helped me....

~This is a picture of her first day of pre-school.
~Syd's first day of kindergarten. Before this day, I received so much help with her 504 plan and preparing me mentally for sending her to school. The support was wonderful!
~Times where her highs are out of control and we can't figure out why. Just sending out cyber love to us has made such an impression. Whether you've lived this or not, it still means a lot.
~Nights where a 20 minute nap has to sustain us because we can't get her sugars to come up to a safe level. It's scary. It makes you face the reality of this disease and it helps to know people are there, dancing with us.
~Through all that's happened since Feb. 25, 2008 and for everything that has yet to happen, thanks.

Remember, Life's a Dance. How much satisfaction do you get from dancing solo? Not much. That's why it's important to thank the people who dance with you...through the good times and the bad.

So, my little online community, how's your dance coming? I want to challenge all of you to do a post of your own about your particular dance and the times you lead and the times you follow. Your dance doesn't need to be about Type 1 Diabetes. Everyone has their own unique experiences that make up their life. So don't feel confined if you aren't a parent of a T1 me, your dance is just as wonderful and blog worthy.


Reyna said...

Although I hate that she is "37" in the photo...I LOVE her facial expression!

OK. I will think about my "dancing" - I accept the challenge.

Have a great day Shamae.

The Lane Family said...

Shamae, I lOVED this post and the fact that you picked that song it is one of my favorites.

I plan to take your challenge and talk about "my dance"!!!

By the way Miss Sydney is just so cute and is sure growing up.

Misty said...

I remember blaring that song while I was in college! LOVE IT! (p.s. My cousin is a Nashville songwriter and has written other songs for John Michael Montgomery) And how true are the words to this song! I still feel like I'm the one following in the T1 dance, but someday I hope to be a leader...I am going to take your challenge too.