Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The New MM insertion set

My friend Wendy at Candy Hearts told me a few months ago about the new insertion set for the MM pump. It's called "The Mio." (That needed to be said with dramatic tone. ;) We decided to try them. They are supposed to be very similar to the inset that Animas makes--which I've heard good things about.

We have been using "The Mio" for a couple weeks now and here are my thoughts.


1) I love that it comes with it's own insertion set. It makes traveling so much easier and I don't have to remember to bring our own inserter.

2) It comes in colors...pink, blue, and white...which for a 6 year old girl is just dandy!

3) It seems to be stickier than the quicksets. We haven't had the problem of the edges curling up yet!


1) The inserter is pretty big and makes inserting on a child more difficult that the quick set inserter.

2) It is more difficult to take the pump off...Syd could undo the quickset on her own but I have to unhook the Mio from her site when she baths now.

3)Because of the size of the Mio inserter, I do think the quickset is easier to use. Not that the Mio is super difficult but the quickset is a bit easier.

Overall, we have been pleased with it. We haven't had any major issues with it and her numbers have been pretty good. So I recommend giving them a try! In my own little world I can pretend the reps and Minimed actually read my blog so my recommendations for them are to shrink the insertion set and make it easier for children to unhook the tubing from their site.

Here are some pics...


Reyna said...

FIRST OFF - Wowie, WOW, WOW on the PINK! I love it. Also, soooo cool that she wears her pump in her arm.

Amy said...

hmmm...wonder if that came with our stuff....I need to break into all the boxes anyhow!! Love the pink too!

Laura said...

I do like the pink - very cutie!!
I miss you!

Lora said...

the inserter looks just like the Animas... but justin does not have any trouble getting it off. I wonder why they changed hook(?) on it.

Meri said...

I'm VERY tempted to try them. I wonder, how is the stickiness compared to the quicksets. Do they stay on just as well?

Shamae said...

Meri--good point about the stickiness...I will add an addition to my post. I actually think they are stickier than the quickset. With the quickset we would often get the edges peeling up but so far that hasn't been a prob with these...although 2 weeks may not be enough time to have a great idea on it. But I think it's been great in that venue.

Cindy said...

Lily and I have both switched over to the mios! We love, love, love them! I kept having problems with the Quicksets not lining up right to reconnect (teeny piece of plastic got jagged and made it impossible to put back on!). From personal experience, the reconnect on the mios has been much better! And huge bonus that I discovered when I tried them out...I couldn't even feel them going in! No pain!

Meri, they don't seem quite as sticky as the Quicksets, from what we've experienced. But as long as you switch to the Skin Prep wipes (instead of IV prep wipes) and make sure the tape attaches completely, they're fantastic! We go swimming all summer long and haven't had any of them come out since switching to the skin preps!

tiburon said...

Hmmm looks interesting! We might have to give it a go. We are big fans of the other ones you turned us onto :)

Misty said...

Shamae, we just switched to the Mio too! And we LOVE it! We were using the silhouette before though. Compared to that...so much easier for me to insert. The silhouette disconnect was similar to the Mio, so we have not had an issue with that. I can't wait to show Ally the pictures of Syd with her site on her arm. Since we just started the CGM on her hiney, we are trying to switch her pump site to her arm. She's a bit reluctant.