Monday, January 10, 2011

Hadlee Update with pictures.

Things here are going well. I just wanted to do a fast update before it's time to feed the little nugget again. Hadlee is growing well. She is 5 weeks old today which just blows my mind. At her weight check last week she was 7 lbs 3 oz. Still seems tiny for a 1 month old though...esp considering Sydney was born at 7 lbs 13 oz. lol She is eating well and sleeping like a typical newborn. Christmas was lovely. It was great to have the whole family here. The girls have loved having Hadlee around and haven't been jealous at all. They love to help and hold her. Morgan even told me, "Mom if she spits up on me, don't worry, I won't even drop her!" :) And when I nurse Hadlee, Morgan will ask, "So is she hooked up yet?" And it cracks me up every time to hear it referred to as "hooked up."

Hadlee is due for her 2nd RSV shot on Thursday and we found out today that it *might* be covered under our prescription coverage instead of our medical coverage. We are praying that is the case because if it is, this $1,000 shot that she needs every month during RSV season will cost us out of pocket $40 instead of about $600. So lots is going on but we all surviving and trying to remember life with a newborn and no sleep. :) Enjoy the pics.

~My brother in law is a professional artist and this is the painting he did for us for Christmas. It is awesome!

~Miss thumb sucker!

~Morgan fell asleep in such a funny way. :)

~Hadlee next to "Natalie." I like to take her pic next to Natalie to watch how she grows. I did this with Morgan too and loved it!

~Syd's new haircut!

~Awww clean laundry smells so good! :)

~hanging on the floor and watching Morgan.

~Morgan and her new haircut and playing with her sister.

I will have to post again soon because on Thursday Morgan turns 5! :)


periwinkle4 said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE looking at your pictures! I do so hope that the insurance covers those shots! Your girls are growing up so fast! Syd looks a lot older with her new cut, so cute though! Morgan is hilarious, as always! and Hadlee looks like a little doll next to "Natalie." so cute, so fun!

Teresa Whitehead said...

Ha! Love the Morgan comments, and Syd's hair is adorable. Wish I could pick up that little Hadlee & snuggle her!

Cindy said...

Oh, your girls are just beautiful!

Erin said...

She is a "DOLL" Love the girls hair cuts.

Dawn said...

What beautiful girls!

The Lane Family said...

THe pictures were GREAT!!! The painting is AMAZING!!

The girls new haircuts are so darn cute!! I tell Jim perhaps we need to get the girls hair cute and he says...hmmmm NO!! But your girls look darling with their cute short haircuts!!

I love the picture of Hadlee in the laundry basket and I know what you are saying about how small Hadlee seems. Kaylee finally hit 8 pounds when she was 21/2 months old. Preemies are amazing :)

By the way I love what Sydney said about the baby throwing up on her and and then Morgan's comment about "hooked up" just makes me laugh :)

wendys said...

I love the new haircuts! I am glad Hadlee is doing so well.

Mel said...

The girls' haircuts look great!! I wish I had been better about keeping up w/ the pics of Miss Lo with her doll and the differences as she grew.

Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

I love that stretch picture with Natatie! So cute!

Nicole said...

I love all the pics thanks for sharing.

Syd's new haircut looks great!!

Morgan sleeps like my Kirstin. Chris and I take bets on which way we will find Kirstin sleeping when we check Cara's BG at night. That girl is all over the place.

and Haldee is smaller then a doll but just as perfect as sweet!!

Laura @ Houston We Have A Problem! said...

All 3 girls are BEAUTIFUL!

carrie said...

Oh, Shamae, I love all the pictures!! Syd & Morgan look so grown up and beautiful with their new hair cuts. :) I like that you take pics of the girls next to the fun! Yay for you and your house full of pink. Loves!

The Herrigs said...

Such sweet pictures...what sweeties..congratulations:)