Friday, December 2, 2011

Where does the time go? An overdue update for everyone!

If I have any readers still I wanted to give a shout out and say we are all still alive and doing well!! I'm struggling posting because we updated the programs on our computer and everything is new and I tend to fight against change and haven't learned how to streamline this new system yet. But, considering I have so much to say, I will learn soon. I miss blogging. Here is an update with us...

Sydney turned 8 in October. She thinks she is pretty big stuff...which she is! In October we also took her pump away and went back to injections. She has had a rising A1C all year and we have struggled gaining control of her numbers again. Per her educator and pediatrician's recommendation, we went back to "square 1" and are treating her like a new diagnosis again. She is on about 6 injections a day and usually will do them herself. Since we have stopped pumping, her numbers have been stellar. It has made this transition so much easier seeing how great her numbers are! Emotionally Syd is handling shots very well and rarely complains about not pumping. We aren't sure when we will hook the pump back up but, for now, we will just enjoy rocking numbers!!

Morgan will be 6 next month and she is as crazy as ever. Her spunk keeps us on our toes constantly! Although there are times when I throw my hands in the air, unsure of how to parent such a strong-willed child, she does bring us so much joy and laughs. She has the quickest wit of any other 5 year old I know. She is doing great in school and is one of the top learners in her class.  We are very proud of her and we work very hard to show her.

Hadlee will be 1 on Dec. 6...yes in 4 days. It doesn't seem possible that she is 1 already.  She has brought so much life to our family. We had forgotten how sweet it is to have a baby in the home again. It is fun to watch her play and learn and to realize that she has no worries. When she is happy, content, and playing it is a genuine happiness.  Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to "look the part" that we forget what it feels like to experience pure, unaltered joy. Hadlee is a smart little cookie. She is starting to talk and uses a few words correctly and regularly such as: mamma, dadda, babba (bottle), Na-na (no no), Baaaa (bath), Moa, moa (more). She loves music and loves to "dance" whenever a tune comes on or whenever one of her sisters is singing. At night she loves to snuggle with me and fall asleep. It is our routine and if anyone comes within a 2 ft radius of her snuggling at bedtime she will let them know to get back and "NA-NA!"  Last week she got tubes in her ears last week (the day before Thanksgiving.) She always has fluid in her ear and every 2-3 weeks the fluid would get infected. She has been having near constant infections since this spring so it was tube time. Hopefully we won't deal with many more ear infections. Despite the infections, she is still one of the happiest babies I've had the pleasure of being around. I had an appt with my ob/gyn last week and he commented on what a pretty little baby she is. I told him she is pretty and so happy! He didn't realize that when he delivered her he was delivering a baby that was part angel...I told him to update his resume. :)

Loren and I are doing great. On Nov 23 we celebrated our 9 year anniversary! I know it sounds so cliche but I really am married to my best friend and over the past 9 years we have definitely had our struggles but we are closer now than we have ever been. He is a great husband and father and we are very lucky to have him hanging his hat in our home.

The last week of October we went to Disneyland! My facebook friends were inundated with Disney pics that week and I feel bad I haven't posted any here but, hopefully, I will do a picture update soon and inundate my blog audience with pictures as well! All the girls did great for the flights and the long days at Sea World and the Disney Parks...even Miss Hadlee was a dream baby! Apart from a couple "blow out" incidences, we had no trouble with her. She is so content doing whatever we are doing!

Well, that seems like a good update for now! I do have 1 picture to share for this post and that is of our Christmas Card. So from my family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! (I think you can click on the card to make it bigger.)


sarefamily said...

yea for an update!! Can't believe the girls are so old already, blows my mind. I LOVE the christmas card!!!! IT is so cute!! Love ya girl!

Jayson & Carrie said...

The Christmas card is great! Love it...your girls are so stinkin' adorable! Love Syd & Morgan's haircuts. I'm glad Syd's levels are doing much better. I say it all the time but she is my hero, giving herself the shots. One tough girl! Love ya, Shamae!

The Lane Family said...

I cannot believe that Hadlee is going to be 1....where does time go??? Sydney look so cute with short hair as does Miss Morgan. I LOVE your pictures and the one of of Sydney holding onto Hadless is adorable as is the one of you and Loren kissing.

I DO NOT think it sounds cliche because we celebrated 10 Years this year and Jim and I are still each others best friends!!

wendys said...

What cute girls you have! Merry Christmas!