Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Hunger Games! Read on!

It was a couple years ago when I started reading The Hunger Games trilogy---before it was completed. I read Hunger Games when Hunger Games weren't cool. :) I got several friends hooked on the series as well! This is the book review I wrote years ago on my blog and I wanted to share it again since the movie comes out tonight! Click HERE to visit youtube and listen to a stellar song from The Hunger Games soundtrack...thanks again Jessie for getting me a copy! If nothing else, take the time to listen to the song.  If you have read the book, read ahead. I will say it is a spoiler from the book. I think the song must be when Kat is holding Rue while she is passing away. So sad. :( But great book and I can't wait to see the movie tomorrow with some gal pals!! Enjoy the review and the song!

Although I have read some good books over the past few months, I have not put their reviews on my blog. Nevertheless, my book review hiatus is officially over. The timing couldn't be better because I just finished an excellent book that is worthy of your precious time. 

The Hunger Games 
by Suzanne Collins 

My review 
Rating: 5 of 5 stars 
Genre: Young Adult 

Out of the ashes of a country once known as North America rose the country of Panem. It was divided into twelve districts and ruled with an iron fist from the Capitol. As time passed the districts rebelled against the Capitol's harsh rule. Their punishment for rebellion, and as a reminder to never let it happen again, was the creation of The Hunger Games. Each year each District is required to send one boy and one girl, aged 12-18, to the Capitol, and there they will be thrown together in an arena and forced to fight to the death. Their fight is broadcast on live TV, and each citizen from all Districts is forced to watch. 

In the isolated and starving District 12, Katniss Everdeen passes her days illegally hunting in the woods beyond the fence that encompasses their community, trying her best to provide food for her family. When her younger sister's name is drawn to represent their district in the games, Katniss volunteers in her place, even though she knows it means certain death. But when circumstances beyond her control twist the Games around, she'll have to fight against both the Games and what's right in order to try to save her life. One thing is for certain—the people of Panem will not forget this years Hunger Games. 

Suzanne Collins has created a wonderfully executed novel with The Hunger Games. She paints a very interestingly balanced futuristic novel with things you would expect such as hovercrafts, mutant species and state of the art facilities in the Capitol while at the same time showing very simple lives with homes that have no running water and towns that are barely able to feed themselves. 

Although the book doesn't dive into certain topics with quite as much depth as I expected (this might be due to the fact that I didn't realize this book was a trilogy until I finished it), it does present them in a "surface scratching" way that keeps the reader intrigued. Katniss's insecurities about death and love, for instance are still very present though not fleshed out, and it is evident, through hindsight, the author is laying the groundwork for the next two books in the Trilogy where I am certain she will delve deeper into these topics. 

Each page of this novel felt as though I were taking a bite out of a delectible French pastry--a dessert I was able to savor for 374 pages. Full of unexpected twists, suspense, struggles, and love, The Hunger Games succeeds in capturing the audience's attention and not letting it go. It's a completely scintillating book that promises a start to what's sure to be a spectacular trilogy.


Jenni said...

I can't WAIT for tomorrow afternoon at 4pm when I am headed to see it with my gal pals too! ANd that song is AMAZING....have you seen the video to it...WOW! Almost breaks your heart! Anyhow, I can't wait and I hope you have tons of fun going to see it!!!!

The Lane Family said...

I have to admit that I had really put off reading these books because I would look at the back and read it and it just sounded depressing..then I talked to my friend Ashleigh and she said just give it a go. I have read and just finished the first 2 and will get the 3rd one...they are sad but also deal with social issues and things to really think about!!