Sunday, January 19, 2014

3 months later

Tomorrow will mark 3 months since the passing of Shamae. While I had a little time I wanted to update you on the family.

Overall we are all doing well. The girls miss their mom and express that sometimes, but on the whole are doing very well in continuing on with life.

Hadlee is now 3 years old. She is active as ever. She loves to be doing whatever the older sisters are doing which sometimes drives the older ones crazy. If I had a nickel every time I heard "Hadlee is bugging us Dad" I would be able to retire now. She likes going to daycare most days. I am glad that it will only be a temporary situation and that she will be able to be at home come the summer time.

Morgan is 8. She is very excited to be baptized coming up in February. She is very sweet, but also has her well known feisty streak. She is doing great in school. She is also now in piano and gym. She loves doing both and does very well in her classes. Her favorite thing now is anything Disney Frozen. She knows all the songs by heart. It is very sweet when her and Syd sing together. They are very good.

Sydney is 10. I have to reign her in on how boy crazy she is on a regular basis. She loves reading all the latest teen gossip magazines and watching internet videos of all her favorite teen stars. She is doing great in school, except the occasional struggles with math. I'm investing early in large stocks of ammunition to keep all the little boys away. On a normal day there is at least 2-3 boys fighting for her affection. She is also in piano and gym and loves to do both.

I myself am also doing very well. I manage to get the kids fed, dressed, hair done, and off to school on time each day. As well as making sure the house stays picked up. Well as best as you can with 3 girls running around the place. I miss Shamae at times, for the woman she use to be before her health issues, but also take comfort in the fact that she no longer has to be in pain or live in a body that doesn't do what she wanted it to do. Being a single Dad can be a bit of a challenge sometimes, but I am very happy to have my girls. I also know that someday I won't have to do it alone and that the girls will have someone they can look to as a mother. The most important thing is to be happy with the moment we live in and to find those things that will lead to continuing and greater happiness.

Thank you for all the kindness we have been shown. It has help to lift our family and to continue on.


wendys said...

Hang in there, we know that you are a fantastic Dad to those little girls. Let me know if you need more help with watching Morgan.

Kelly said...

Good to hear an update on the girls, as D Moms we think of them often!

((HUGS)) to you for being all that you can be as a loving father and "mom" when need be.

The Lane Family said...

Thank you for the update...we pray for your family and we are glad everyone is doing well. We we wish your family a year of great blessings!!