Sunday, February 14, 2010

Can't Break Tradition!

Every holiday my mom invites us to her home to make and decorate cookies. Valentines is no exception! Yesterday we travelled the arduous journey an hour north to her home. The girls had a great time making cookies with my mom! With only 1 minor fault...the day was great. I had forgotten to refill Syd's insulin in her reservoir before we left. Sooooo with only a couple units left, we didn't have enough to cover an afternoon with sugary goodness. I called a couple people I know up there who would have insulin and got ahold of a gal who provided us with a fresh reservoir full of the liquid gold we call Novolog. Thanks Cindy!

That evening Jessie and Kelly watched our girls while Loren and I went to dinner and then to the mall. We were pretty boring actually. lol we picked the girls up at 7:30. But they had a long day and were tired and I didn't want them being grumpy for jess and kelly. Anyway, enjoy the pics and have a great valentines day!

I also want to mention that we should take a minute to think about and/or pray for our service men and women who are away from their loved ones this holiday. I appreciate their selfless sacrifices on behalf of my beloved nation. Thank you!

~Syd and my mom.

~Morgan and my mom. Morgan is always a character!

~Morgan with the cookie she made for Grandpa Marc.

~Sydney frosting a cookie for daddy. The hand shaped cookie at the bottom of the pic is one my mom made after tracing my girls hands on the dough. Very cute and creative!

~Sydney with her cookie for daddy.



The Lane Family said...

I love Morgan!! She makes the funniest faces ever and you can tell that she is always thinking of something fun or crazy to do!!

Sydney looks a lot like your mom!!!

Hey don't worry about being boring, we are old. We had plans to watch a movie after we got the kids to bed last night and we were so tired that we just went to bed as well!!! So much for being wild and crazy!!!

I love the part you put in about our Service men and woman. I have am doing a blog about the Marine Museum that we visited yesterday and I agree it does make your heart ache and be full of admiration for all that they do!!

phonelady said...

Omg shamae your mom does not look old enough to have a daughter your age .My gosh she is beautiful,

Anonymous said...

Hi Honey!
I love your blog postings and I would never dream of breaking tradition!!!
Using every holiday as an excuse...we make beautiful cookies together!!!
I love you all!
xo Mom

Wendy said...

YEAH for cookies!!!!!!!!!!! So happy you got some insulin and enjoyed the festivities :)

Tracy said...

Love this tradition!

LaLa said...

Can I just tell you again how stinkin' cute those girls are?? SO CUTE.

Hallie Addington said...

SO cute! Makes me hungry....
What is it with these 4 year old girls?!? SO silly!
I love the pics- thanks for sharing!

tiburon said...

How fun is that?!

What a great tradition!