Friday, February 12, 2010

Get to Know Shamae

In the past few months I've acquired several new "followers." Not in a cult-like, creepy sorta way. Scroll down my blog a ways. Look on the right side. There is a link that you can click on to "follow" my blog and receive my updates. If you aren't currently a "follower," feel free to click the link!

With regards to new peeps reading the blog...I figure I should use yet another post to let people get to know me a little better. If you would like to refresh your memory or learn more, feel free to click here, or here, or here. Or even here. They all contain Shamae factoids. goes--a new list of completely random things about Shamae--not holding anything back. Laying all the "crazy" out on the line here. What fun would it be if I censored myself? So what you "see" is what you get! If you read this post, all I ask in return is that you do your own completely random list about yourself on your blog and leave me a comment so I can get to know you too.

1) I'm a people watcher--malls, walmart, sidewalks, picking kids up from school, etc etc. I like to make up stories about their lives. I also have a huge imagination--no joke. It's hard to get bored because I'm always making up stories in my mind. My kids think it's great. ;)

2) I read license plates when I drive. We live in a smaller town so it's easy cause the traffic is thin. I realize the danger this poses when we get into larger cities and I want to read the plates across the lanes of traffic. I can't do it. Loren actually forbids it. I just love seeing where people are coming from and wondering why they are traveling.

3) I love to read. It's nice to "escape" into a different life for a while. Not because mine is bad...but it's nice to have another "out." (A book review is in the works and coming soon.)

4) I get ticked off easily. I don't, however, stay mad long....unless your my dad's third ex-wife. Then you are gonna stay on my sh** list...I mean black list forever.

5) I don't get close to many people. I'm easy to get along with but I "connect" with very few people.

6) If you happen to be a person I've "connected" with, I will forever have your back. Even to the point of using sailor language to stand up for you.

7) I'm not intimidated easily...unless it's something Type 1 Diabetes related and then you may randomly find me sitting in a corner, rocking back and forth with my thumb in my mouth speaking gibberish. Type 1 Diabetes is very. very. intimidating. to. me.

8) I hate wearing shoes.

9) I love to cook and try new recipes. (Addition: My hub made me add this one after I made my list. When I cook or bake I get all the ingredients out first. Then, as I use them, I put them away. That way, instead of making a mess when I cook, I'm cleaning up a mess. It's a mental thing. :-)

10) My husband doesn't like me to be experimental with our meals. Not that my experiments are bad--usually they are great--but he is a "I like my old standbys and don't wanna deviate" sorta husband. I guess, as his wife, it's lucky he doesn't get sick of things easily. ;)

11) I don't like figuring out the carbs for my new recipes.

12) I have weird, vivid dreams.

13) Thanks to facebook, I have weird, vivid dreams about people I never see.

14) I'm all about symmetry. I have to have things symmetrical. Also, when turning up the radio or TV I can only stop on even numbers or increments of 5. (I know, totally crazy!) I'm working on it!

15) I'm pretty thick skinned but if I ever do get my feelings hurt, I probably won't tell ya. I get over things pretty quickly anyway and it's just easier that way.
16) To fight back against OCD habit number #14. I'm going to end this on #17. And, yes, I may not sleep tonight because of it.

17) I've had many random jobs in my life. I grew up on a farm--a post to come about that later--and I've driven tractors, swathers, balers, potato trucks. (google them if you aren't familiar.) I can back up a truck w/ a trailer on it. I've had my own horse since I was 3. Buck. Booker. Vodka Bay Bay. Stetson. Sarah. I have been on numerous cattle drives. (The link will take you to some pics.) My most recent and most demanding job is that of a pancreas. The hours are crappy. The pay stinks. But the patient is worth it.

So those are some quirks about me. If you read this far, then you have agreed to the terms of this post. Now it's your turn. I wanna see your list! If you don't have a blog but wanna play along, send me an email!


Wendy said...

I like all 17.. As a cult follower I say thank you for the post ;) Ill try to think of a few for my blog.

Lora said...

hmm~ this is going to require some deep thought. I have a LOT of issues :)

My Family Forever said...

I am a people watcher too! Also, I must not be a person you have connected with, that's too bad. I would love to have someone use sailor language to defend me! You are soooo cute!

Wendy said...


Seriously...I even have to make changes to Addy's pump with symmetry or else I can't stand it!!!!!!

I can't go down just ONE notch. Must be 2 and then 2 more if that wasn't good enough!!!!

Michelle said...

This was great! I busted up laughing at #13... haha. We actually have a lot in common. ;) Since I haven't updated my blog in 9 months I figure it's about time. We'll see if I can get an update with something like this included.

phonelady said...

OOOH I use sailor language too . I love it I knew we were deeply connected somehow LOL !!! my fellow sailor language girl !!

Tracy said...

I love this Shamae! I also cannot stop the volume on the TV on an odd number, has to be an even number or increment of 5! My husband thinks I am nuts and he is probably right. :)

This of course caused me to go a little crazy that you did stop at number 17, I mean really, what are you trying to do to me?

When all of this hospital crap is over, I will definitely post things about me. What a fun post. :)

irbuanosraL said...

OH gosh, I laughed out loud at a lot of these, you are hilarious. Fun post!

Meri said...

You and I have a lot in common...except for the cooking thing. (I'm not a big fan.) Or the number thing. (Seriously, you and Wendy should have that looked at.) LOL

I LOVED getting to know my imaginary friend better! You definitely go up on my coolness list...those cattle drives are AWESOME!

Down with shoes!!!!!!!!!!!

LaLa said...

I love this list. You are such a fantastically fun person to 'know'.
Your posts always make me laugh or cry or both. Whatever. I heart you!!


XOXOX, Laura

PS - Once I make a list about me I will post it but you already know I am a people watcher!

Oh and you and do need to see someone about that number thing. :-)~~~~

Hallie Addington said...

I LOVE this! I love getting to know you better! We have some things in common- but you'll have to read MY post to find out!!

:) Tracie said...

This is great Shamae! Love learning about you!

tiburon said...

Suck. All this time I thought we had a connection...

Heidi / Jack's Pack said...

This is great! I'm working on creating a new blog, and after I do, I'll post a list, too. :)

Jayson & Carrie said...

1...6...12...&...14 hahaha!! Shamae, I sure do love you!!!!!! We should spend the day watching people together.. :)