Saturday, February 6, 2010

What do YOU do when the weather hits 41F?

We go play at the park--obviously avoiding the puddles of water from the melting snow...the temp IS above freezing afterall! We had a great day. Shopped for our portion of the food for our friend's superbowl party. Played at the park. Went bed shopping for the little girls. Went bowling with our friends. McDonalds for a treat. All in all a great day. I do have to give a special shoutout to the "P" family. We went bowling with them and they picked up the drink tab. They are so sweet though because when ordering, they specifically ordered a diet soda for Sydney. Is that friendship? I think so. Enjoy the pics.

~I think the bed salesmen were happy to see our hyper kids leave. But how are we supposed to know which bed to get if they don't try them out? They have toddler beds right now and they are just too small. We didn't buy anything yet though...still shopping around. Beds are expensive!
~Morgan was a monkey. I was actually glad to buckle her back up in the super cool minivan. :-)

~After bed shopping we went home and the girls helped me prepare dinner...tatertot casserole. Now that's fine dining. :-)

~After dinner we went bowling with our besties--Kelly, Jessie, Kamryn, and Jordyn. We always have great times with these guys and they are so good at helping with Syd. They know just how to take care of her diabetes. See here. Or here. Or here. Or maybe here. Or if you need more convincing look here. And those are only a few of the fun things we've done. Here are a few pics from our bowling extravaganza!

~Me and Jessie. She rocks at bowling. I suck--really I do. Once when I was bowling I actually threw the ball BEHIND me. It was really sad. My highest score tonight was 60. But it was fun. Watching me bowl is quite entertaining.

~The kids had their own lane with bumpers up. It was pretty cute. Here is morgan.

~And Sydney....she was sporting all kinds of funny faces for the camera today.

~The girls were being great cheerleaders for the grownups. :-)

~At McDonalds Kelly and Morgan were racing to see who could finish their milkshake first. Not really sure who won. I just remember Kelly getting a brain freeze. ;-)

~Kamryn and Syd enjoying a cookie at the Golden Arches.

~After this picture I have to note that Jessie went and climbed through the play place. It was pretty comical.

~And Loren playing cowboy. (What did they add to his milkshake? I think they made it Irish if ya know what I mean... ;-)

Good friends. Good fun. Good times.


Lora said...

Awe~ sounds like an awesome day. Glad you guys enjoyed it :)

BTW~ Morgan's face trying to drink that milkshake is sooo cute :)

laurawh said...

This makes me laugh how different things are when you are use to warmer weather. It was 41 here yesterday and we told the kids it was too cold to go out! Sun wasn't shining so that made a difference! Well we let Parker go out for a little while with hat and coat but that was it! You should have seen us the week it did not get out of the low 30s...we were miserable and so cold! Don't know how ya'll do it all the time!

wendys said...

Fun day! We went mini-golfing yesterday, the kids liked that.

The Lane Family said...

How fun!!! I also just laugh when I see how little snow is around the girl's..that is supposed to be us and you guys should have the 2 feet of snow!! :)

Shamae, I love the story of you throwing the bowling ball behind you...My favorite bowling "Skill" is slipping and falling down the lane and the ball going behind me...nice :) Personally I prefer the kid bumpers as well!!

What great friends you have and how nice that they understand diabetes and can still have a lot of fun.

Morgan is so cute in the picture where she is challenging Kelly to the Milkshake contest!!

The last picture just cracks me up. Loren always seems so calm and quiet...I guess a little "irish" in the milkshake makes him come out of his shell!!!

Meri said...

What an awesome day!!! Family, friends and combo ever!

We had a pretty great day too...we cleaned, worked on the bathroom, napped :), and then my hubby and I went on a date. :)

LaLa said...

What a fun day! I'm exhausted just reading about your day.

I suck at bowling too. I'm pretty good on Wii but bot so much in real life.

Your girls are such cuties!!


:) Tracie said...

What a blessing to be surrounded by great friends!

The girls are adorable!!! Nice to see you're not camera shy!

LauraBro said...

hey--this is Laura Tervort (from the old ward in pocatello)just wanted to let you know--if you are looking at wood bunk beds (like we were in pocatello awhile ago)--I found the guy in Nephi UT that makes the beds for all the stores down here and you can get it at wholesale (like more than half off what they are charging)-let me know--and I can find his number again. (I know he does deliver for a price too) good luck finding a bed (and I'm now stocking your blog-hope you don't mind--such a cute family!)

Wendy said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this post :) Such great memories with the people you love!

Jenni said...

Looks like so much fun! We opted out of the park...TOO muddy and my boys LOVE MUD! We went swimming for 3 hours instead! :)

Hallie Addington said...

Sounds like fun! I love all the pics! Thanks for sharing!

Joanne said...

What fun pictures... love it!