Thursday, October 4, 2007

Blogging Attempt Take 3--EGG NOG!

Well my sweet husband came home with a wonderful surprise yesterday--EGG NOG!! I didn't know that they sold it this early in the year. I have been limiting myself to only a few swallows a day so that I don't back track all my weight loss progress...I worry about the holidays! But no need to think of that now when I have egg nog waiting in the fridge! All I need to worry about now is Sydney swiping the nog when I am not looking. She loves the stuff as much as I do!

So for all of you Egg Nog fans...if any of the 2 people who read my blog are egg nog fans...go out and get some!! Egg nog is the true comfort drink of the holidays!


carrie said...

That stuff is just nasty Shamae! Remind me not to kiss you after you've drank some. Wait a sec... why does that sound funny?...Oh well, maybe it will come to me soon. Bye chica!

wendys said...

I have to say that I think eggnog is weird. and gross. But mike loves it too! In mike's family they drink it with sprite or 7-up mixed in.