Friday, October 5, 2007

Grandparents are special!

There sure is something special about grandparents. I have been fortunate to have all my grandparents alive until this last March when I lost my Grandma (AKA Nana). I have been fortunate to still have 3 loving grandparents around who have been a huge influence in my life. My girls are also fortunate to have a plethora of grandparents and great-grandparents who love them dearly. We feel so blessed to have so much family around!

A couple of weeks ago we were able to go and visit my grandpa who is in a nursing home. I got some great pictures of Grandma Ruth and Grandpa Keith with my girls. Grandparents are great...go tell yours you love them!

We love and miss you Nana!


Janalyn said...

What cute pictures! I miss my grandparents so much! You are lucky to be able to share your kids with your grandparents. All of mine were gone when I had babies. I like your blog! You are so funny. And Yes, I love egg nog too. I will go buy the 'lite' kind, and then mix it with skim milk. YUM!

Gloria said...

Aloha kakahiaka Shamae! (good morning)
I love all your photos and comments. Thanks for always keeping in touch. This is my first attempt at commenting on a blog site. ... And for someone so computer illiterate like me, this is quite the event.
me ke aloha pumehana,

momintx said...

What sweet pictures. I like your blog Shamae! Oh and sorry but I hate egg nog!! My kids love it though.