Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy 4th bday Sydney!

I can't believe my little munchkin is 4! It seems like I just had her. Anyway, we had a great pizza party surrounded by our family. I feel so blessed (and it would be ignorant of me to not mention) the super supportive family that we have so close. It is such a great blessing and I am grateful for them and their support for me and my family. Thank you for everything you do for us and for sharing this special day with us!! And with that enjoy the plethora of pictures of I have for you!!

On October 16, 2003 a little girl came to be.
On a windy day she blew right in,
with light brown hair and a dimpled grin.
Now 4 years have past and its been a BLAST!
Thanks for joining us for Syd's 4th birthday bash!


Heather said...

Looks like Sydney had a great birthday! I can't believe she's 4!!

Ashley said...

I am so glad syd had a great birthday. She is growing up so fast.

wendys said...

Happy Happy birthday Sydney dear!