Sunday, October 21, 2007

Together for Christmas

Thanks for all the emails I received from people who enjoyed or were touched by the poem. That meant a lot to me. I received more than I expected and that was wonderful. I didn't realize that it "spoke" to so many people. That gives me "warm fuzzies" :D
Because I have received so many emails asking if people can use my poem, I just want to clarify that this poem is copyrighted in my name and please obtain written permission before reproducing the poem. After permission is recieved, make sure that you keep my name on as the author. Thanks so much!

Together for Christmas ©

The tears in your eyes I know you can’t hide.
In front of our family, I've seen how you've tried.
You want to be strong, but the ache is too great.
When I passed on, I saw your heart break.

But please don’t cry, no don’t shed a tear.
You don’t understand; the plan's not quite clear.
You see the side where my life is gone.
But don’t you worry, it won’t be long,
till your eyes are opened and you see the light--
You see, I’m in Heaven where it always stays bright.

Christmas is coming and I know you are scared
because this is a holiday we always have shared.
I miss you too and in my heart there’s an ache,
because I won’t be around to make this year great.

But you’ll be surrounded by family and friends,
who love you dearly and will be there to lend,
a shoulder to cry on or just share a smile.
They'll be with you and will stay for a while.

But I want you to know that I’ll also be there.
This holiday season we still get to share.
Although I know you cannot see,
I'll be sitting close by with our family.
My hands on your shoulders, I’ll give you a squeeze
as I stay beside you, admiring our tree.

So please don’t cry, no don’t shed a tear
because I will be with you for Christmas this year.


Malory said...

That poem is so great! You are very talented! Grandma and Papa will love it. As for a title, hmmm. How about, No tears for Christmas. I don't know, I'll keep thinking. But it's an amazing poem.

Becky said...

I like Malory's title. :) That is a very good poem. I am amazed!! Can I give copies to some friends that have lost family members this last year?

Shamae said...

Becky I already answered you on our board for your question. Thanks for your comments.

Andrea said...

Wow, very touching poem Shamae.

Ashley said...

Hey Shamae,
that poem is so awesome. I like Mal's title, but the one that came to me was I'll still be with you for Christmas. Kind of corny but it's an idea. Do I have permission to share this with family and friends? I think it is very well said.

Shamae said...

Ashley--which ashley are you?? Sorry I know...dumb question...but I know like 4 ashleys. Anyway I don't mind if it is shared as long as you keep my name on the copy as the author. You might want to wait to share it until I come up with a title. :D Thanks.

Erin Riley said...

I'm always here or
I'm in Heaven or
Sitting Beside You or

I can't think of anything good. Good luck

tulipdjc said...

I like it alot, I like "No Tears for Christmas" as a title. You did a great job!

LsuFan said...

Wow Shamae that is so touching....I really needed to read that!! Gabby

Megan said...

Hey Shamae! Thanks for sharing a poem that has such personal meaning to you. The poem was very well constructed, very good. Sorry I didn't get back in time to put my two-bits in about a title, but the one you chose fits very well.

michaelstubbs said...

Hi Shamae,
I think that "Together for Christmas" works as a title. Titles are so hard to write because you don't want to to say too much, and you don't want it to narrow the meaning too much either.
This poem really works on an emotional level. I like how the identity of the speaker is unclear (to me) but that it, nevertheless, can reach so many different people. In that way, it says a lot without having to use a lot of words.

You know that I am not a rhymer, but I think that you do it well.

Nice poem.

KLTTX said...

Shamae - That poem is beautiful. As you might recall, my mom passed away in 2004 and every Christmas since then has been very sad for me since my mom loved Christmas so much. I'll try to remember your words this Christmas.

Kelly (from October 2003 Moms Board)