Friday, November 30, 2007

Doctor Macovnant

Well last Sunday we came home from church and Sydney kept talking about this Doctor Macovnant. Neither Loren nor I had any clue what she was saying. I was thinking her teachers changed the biblical story of Christ's birth and now the story talked about Doctor Macovnant--the doctor who delivered baby Jesus in the stable.

Finally we asked her who this guy was. She just rolled her eyes at us...the way 4 year olds who know everything do...then she said, "duh guys its whats in the scriptures." Loren and I looked at each other, wondering if all our years of bible and scripture study were in vain because we failed to realize that Joseph had a helping hand in Bethlehem...he was under the stewarship of the wise Doctor Macovnant.

Finally, after about 20 minutes of picking our brains we realized what she had been saying. Sydney had learned about the Doctrine and Covenants.

We felt foolish.

And just to clear the record so nobody preaches false doctrine this Christmas season, there was no Doctor Macovnant who delivered baby Jesus. The biblical story in Luke is accurate as found.

I still feel foolish...

Shamae :D


tulipdjc said...

LOL! That is sweet!! sydney seems like she would be very good at the eyeroll!! lol!

wendys said...

haha! Maybe you need to listen more in primary! She is too smart.