Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I've Been Wondering

Is it possible for a brain to explode from being overused? As the semester draws to a close, this question has been plaguing my mind. What is the "breaking point" of brain? If anybody is going to find out, I have a feeling it just might be me during these last 2 weeks of the semester.

I keep reminding myself it will pass--just like in semesters before. And I keep telling myself that next semester is my last one! Graduation is in May--I can't succumb to the pressures of college when I am this close! That knowledge helps alleviate the demands of reading a seemingly endless row of books and the exhaustive work of research and paper writing. (Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi and Loren's famous back rubs help too :) But seriously, this semester has been brutal. And here I am wasting time blogging at 10:30 p.m. when I have a paper due in the morning. I guess I should prioritize better :D

Well, now that I have gotten that out...back to work!



Becca said...

Good luck with everything are doing great!

momintx said...

Oh goodness, bless your heart! You are so stinking smart. Yeah consider that a compliment, hehe. You go girl! I hope it will speed by for you and that you will be ALL done soon.