Monday, March 31, 2008

Gearing up for Summer!

Well my kids are finally on the mend from whatever plague was ailing them! Sydney actually gave us a few scares when her ketones were rising and her blood sugars went out of control again. We spent many nights checking in with the doctor on call at our clinic. Syd was borderline dehydrated...I never realized how much you have to watch with diabetes. It is overwhelming at times. Anyway, this morning she is feeling much better but her blood sugar was 487 at snack time and 438 at lunch and she had moderate ketones again. It is weird that it is so high because her before breakfast b.s. was 140 and she only had 25 grams of carbs for breakfast and we gave her 1 unit of insulin to compensate. I guess that means her body is still fighting something even though she is feeling better and it means we still have so much to learn. So we are trying to get this under control. For most of the week this is how she looked....poor kid was miserable! I have to give kudos to her doctors though. They are SO incredibly patient, especially with anxious parents. They just sit and listen and genuinely care. They are wonderful! So if anyone is every looking for a good pedi in our neck of the woods, I have a few great recommendations!!

But she is feeling much better and yesterday she got to shoot her little recurve bow! Our family loves archery and we love exposing our girls to such a fun pastime! Every summer we attend a big archery jamboree. Last year Sydney did great but I think this year she will be even better! She could pull the bow back much better yesterday! Loren loves showing his girls how to do this. It is something he enjoyed doing with his dad and he is carrying on the tradition! Anyway enjoy the pics!

**This was last year at the jamboree**

**This was yesterday at Grammy Linda's house**
By the end of the visit, Sydney was doing it all on her own!

-Morgan carrying the quiver.

-Little reminder lesson from dad.

-Posing for the camera


trista said...

OHhh what a cute archer..

Jessica Springer said...

Your girls are adorable and I think Sydney looks just like you. You are such a cute little family. Thanks for the comment on our blog. If I am ever up that way I'll let ya know. My dad is being transfered to Twin Falls to teach institute there, so my family will be moving soon. :)

Ashley said...

Hey Shamae,
you are so nice to say all those things about our little man! I did not know that about malory, I hope it works out for her. that would be very hard to deal with. does malory have a blog or an email so I can say Hi! your girls are way cute! whenever I look at your blog it just makes me smile because you always seem to be just loving life! good for you:) your a good example of how we all should be! talk to you soon!

Erin Fanello said...

Looks like Syd is going to take over for Robin Hood! That looks like a blast you always do such fun things with your family what a good momma you are! I love that quote you have of Sister Hinckley, such beautiful words, I love her and I am so glad that her and her husband are together again! Hope all is well for ya and when you get a chance drop me a line and let me know how Syd is doing with her diabetes. Hope she is adjusting well.

wendys said...

She's got talent!

Craig & Janalyn said...

What a great skill to teach your girls! I love all the pics, Syd is so cute. I love the one of Morgan holding the quiver! So cute!