Saturday, May 10, 2008


Well after all these years (since graduating high school in 2001) I have finally accomplished a life long goal of mine. I graduated from college! I now have a bachelor degree in History with a minor in English!! I am so excited. It was such a great day. My hubby worked hard to make it extra special. He truly is the best husband I could ask for. He is so suportive and helpful and sweet...just amazing!

The ceremony was quick for me. The college of Arts and Sciences was the first college to graduate after the graduate degrees and I was in the first row of Arts and Science grads. The whole thing started at 10 am and I was graduated at 11:20...then I just left cause I really didn't care about all those poor souls who were behind me. :D When Loren graduated he was one of those "poor souls" We waited for over 3 hours before he walked. That can be brutal sitting that long with kids. So I was very glad that my college went first so I could go and celebrate with my family! My dad was able to make it too. He snuck out before I could get a picture with him but it meant a whole lot that he came to support me. Thanks dad I love ya!

After graduation my mom and step dad took us to a yummy Mexican restaurant for lunch. Thanks guys! Then we came home and hung out until 3 when we had a pizza party. My Grandma Ruth and Papa were able to make it to that. Overall it was a great day. I feel very blessed right now. This is the best day of my life behind getting married and having my 2 super cute girls!! It was also great that it was the day before Mother's Day--that just made it extra special.

I couldn't have gotten to where I am now without the support of my husband and Sydney and Morgan. I did my best to do homework after the girls were in bed. They didn't choose for me to go to college so I tried to keep my focus on them when they were awake. My whole family was so supportive. Sydney keeps talking about going to college and graduating. That makes me so happy because I am such a strong advocate of higher education. Anyway my family's support means the world to me. Here are some pictures from my day!

**All decked out in my graduation garb.

~~The girls were being too goofy to get a decent pic. But
this was cute too.~~


~~Me and my baby sister Hailey who is taller than me.
I am 5' 7" too so she is going to be super tall.~~

~~Me and my baby brother Gabe. He is only 13!
What a giant.~

~Me and my mom~

~My mom and step dad Marc.~

~~Me and my hubby! Happy and surprised I
finally graduated!~~

~~My cake in my college's colors!


KLTTX said...

Congratulations Shamae! That is quite an accomplishment. I am not sure I would have been able to do it with two little ones.

Erin said...

That is so awesome. Congrats. What a great accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

Hey Shamae,

This is your sweet husband. I just wanted to say how proud we all are of your accomplishment. If has been a long hard road and I am so happy that you made it. It is great to have two degrees in the family. I hope that someday in the future that we can both go on to get our masters.

I love you so much and am so proud of you.


Katie said...

I totally wish I was you. I don't think I will ever be done. Congrats!

carrie said...

Shamae I am just so proud of you! Don't know how you do it! I love 'ya girlie! Good for you....

Misty K said...

Congrats!! You are amazing. It is impressive you stuck to it and graduated!!! That is somthing you can be proud of forever.

Jacki said...

Congratulations Shamae! I always admired you. You have such a fun personality and determination. I found your blog through Rachelle. I hope you don't mind. This is Jacki Tillmann, we used to live in G1 (McKenna's mom). I'm sorry to hear about your new challenge with Sydney. That can't be easy. I cry sometimes when I get my daily injections. I'm sure she is stronger than me. Miss your girls they are cuties! Congrats again!

Kourtnie :) said...

Woohoo Shamae!! Way to go girl!! It's definitely a momentous occasion brought on by perserverance and a lot of hard work! I think moms (okay, okay parents in general) should get an extra gold star next to their degree. Having small children AND graduating from college. . . that's something to celebrate. Yay! Congrats :)!!!

wendys said...

Congrats! You worked so hard, I'm amazed that you could be such a great mom and student at the same time.

Erin said...

p.s. I love the pic of you & the girls kissing you on your cheeks. Way cute.

Jill said...

Congrats! I'm very impressed! I was lucky I finished 1 1/2 years of beauty school. Actually getting a four year degree I'm afraid is a little beyond my reach! Can't believe you did this all while being a mom, something to be very proud of!

A.L. said...

You ROCK lady!!!!!! I am so inspired by you. Love ya, Aubri

The Goldade's said...

Yeah! WE'RE FINALLY DONE! I'm so proud of us!! Enjoy the summer!