Sunday, July 13, 2008

Don't You Love Waking Up To

a 2 year old puking on you? Yup that was my wake up call. Poor Morgan came into our room around 4 a.m. and said "mommy my tummy hurts." I thought maybe she had to go to the bathroom, so she went potty and I put her back to bed. Then around 6:30 a.m. she came and wanted to snuggle by me. Not long after I cosed my eyes, she puked all over. I went and put her into the bath and Loren threw the sheets and all our clothes into the wash and I took a shower. Sydney is feeling great so she went to church with Loren and I stayed home to tend Morgan.

After her bath I got her dressed and we got a blanket, a "puke" towel, and put on a movie. We were hanging out on the lazy boy, watching A Bugs Life, I was actually drifting back to sleep when I heard that dreaded retching noise again...sure enough Morgan was throwing up ALLL over. All over me. All over her. All over the lazy boy. All over the floor. All over the blanket. Ironically enough she didn't throw up very much on the "puke" towel--defeating the reason for the towel.

So now we are back to where we were. She is out of the bath. She is in clean clothes. I am in clean clothes. The lazy boy has been scrubbed. The carpet has been scrubbed and a new load of laundry is in the wash. Morgan has a sippy cup with a little diet sprite (does diet sprite work the same as regular sprite?) in it and she is eating one cracker because she said she was hungry. I now have a "puke" bowl in addition to a "puke" towel. I am throwing my "1 movie a day" rule out the window and putting on another one while we snuggle on the couch...hoping this bug passes soon. I hate cleaning up puke.

To be continued...


--As of 8 p.m. we have had no more projectile puking incidents. Lets hope it stays that way.

**This picture was from a couple months ago but I thought it was cute. I think she was pretending Sydney put her in jail.


wendys said...

I really hope it's just something she ate, and not a bug that she will pass along to all the other hikers from yesterday! I also hope she feels really better soon.

Erin said...

There is nothing worse that seeing your child hurt, sick or afflicted. Poor little thing. I am glad that there is not more puke...well for now.

Greg & Andrea said...

It's the worst when your kid gets sick. Eva got the flu once and Greg and I took turns getting puked on. It's really gross but at the same time it's really sad. You just feel so bad for them.