Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hiking City Creek

Well I finally have time to do a bit of blogging!

Tonight our friends Jessica and Britton called and asked if we wanted to go hiking this evening. It sounded like fun so after dinner we were off. It was a great trail to hike, the kids had no trouble with it and it is so pretty. After a long day of yard work it was a nice little break. The kids had a blast, even though Morgan kept wiping out on the rocks. The poor kid's legs and knees are all scraped up now. Jess and Britton brought along the son of our other friends. Mike (the husband) is fighting fires in California and Ian came along to give his mom Wendy some much needed rest. The kids were talking about bears and what to do if one came around. Ian very proudly announced that if a bear came he would shoot it because he brought his squirt gun. Later he showed us his squirt gun...see the pics below. The kids were all very impressed. It was lots of fun and we are excited to do it again soon!

This trip did reaffirm how things can get a bit complicated now that Syd has diabetes. We couldn't get Sydney to eat very much dinner prior to the hike so, without those carbs, I assumed that she would drop low during the hike. We were prepared though with juice boxes, some crackers, and her kit with all of her diabetic supplies. About halfway up the trail she said she was feeling low so we stopped to test her sugar and she had dropped down to 57. We gave her a juice box and she kept on hiking. We didn't have any more issues but it just reminded me that we have to be so cognisant of her needs now and always be prepared. She is a trooper though and hasn't let anything slow her down! Well enough of my long-windedness (I don't think that's a word)...anyway enjoy the pics.

-Sydney, Ian, and Carter at the trail head. Loren, Jessica and Britton and Kambry (in the backpack) are in the background. Morgan is in our Kelti backpack on my back.
-From Left to Right, Carter, Morgan, Ian, and Sydney sitting on a tree that was across the path. Aren't they cute?

-Sydney by a creek that Morgan kept throwing rocks in.
-Morgan on a rock in the middle of the stream.
-Sydney is showing me her muscles.
-The boys kept crawling over this log. We were sure one of them was going to end up in the the little creek.
-I thought this was a cute pic of Carter.
-Ian showing us how he would shoot a bear with his squirt gun.
-Me and Carter, Sydney, and Morgan
-Morgan's muscles!


laurawh said...

Looks like a blast!! I wish it weren't so hot here so we could do something like that! The girls are too cute as always! Little Sydney is such a trooper too!


ashycam said...

Hey guys, sounds like you had a fun time. I can't believe how big all the kids are getting. We miss you all so much.