Saturday, July 19, 2008

Family Reunion Time and My New Hair Do

Today we had a fun filled day at a family reunion in my home town. We got to see lots of family, some who I have not seen in years! We had great food and great fun!! Yesterday I also went to my sister Malory's house and asked her to do my hair. Generally when she does my hair I let her do what she wants because I am not picky. I tried to be a laid back gal...anyway she took me from blonde to brunette! Yikes! I actually like the color a lot. I like the cut a I just need to get used to it on me. Malory always does a great job though. She is a very talented chica! Enjoy all our family reunion candid shots! I wish I had got some with my dad but he left before I could trick him into being in a picture. :D

My sister Malory (she is due in November with a little girl!!), Me, Hailey (16) and Sydney.

~All my siblings, Malory, me, Hailey, Krystal and my brother Gabe is in the front. Of course you recognize my cuties Sydney and Morgan.

~My girls being best friends. I love those two little faces!

~Me, Hailey, and Krystal (26).

~My and my Grandma Ruth...she is one of my best friends in the whole world! She is so great. I talk to her almost every day.

~Krystal, Malory, me and Hailey with Grandma Ruth.

~Me and Sydney with baby Keleah. She is SO cute! Syd fell in love with this baby girl. She is 10 months old and so sweet! (Not enough to make me baby hungry though cause I know some people reading this will wonder that.)

~Me and the girls at the boat docks. We were trying to skip rocks.


ashycam said...

it seems you had a great time. Tell Mallory congrats on her little girl. I didn't know she was expecting or at least I didn't remember. I like your hair. If I were close enough to see you around I wouldn't recognize you. you all seem to be enjoying your ya

The Bartschi's said...

I really really like your new hair-do it really looks cute on you!! And the girls are so cute and getting so big!

periwinkle4 said...

How cute and how fun! I really like your hair. Sounds like talent must be abundant in your family! Glad you had fun!

The Ricks Family said...

I cannot believe how old Hailey is and how much she looks like Krystal, WOW. How much fun.

Greg & Andrea said...

I love your hair! It looks soooo good. Your sis really knows what she is doing. And it looks like you guys had a great time.

wendys said...

I love the new look! You and your sisters have the same smile. Thanks for coming over and hanging out tonight, we had fun!

Erin said...

I so thought I commented on this. I LOVE YOUR HAIR! It look so good on you!