Monday, August 4, 2008

Camping 2008

Our family has had another successful camping trip! This year we were joined by several other members of my family which only doubled the fun! The girls slept so well in the tent. Once they fell asleep they did not wake up! Considering it got down into the 40's, I was impressed. They love camping and both cried when we had to leave. Sydney's blood sugar was ok. I was really worried that we would be dealing with a lot of low's. However, the opposite happened, she kept having highs. I suppose it was all the treats lying around. Loren and I both agreed we would rather have her be a little high than dropping low all the time especially since we were doing so many activities and spending a lot of time in the sun (both of which can drop sugar levels). Lows can be more dangerous. We did have a couple of lows during the trip but Sydney told us when she felt low and we gave her a snack. Going camping with a child who has diabetes definatly complicates things but now I know that we can do it and I don't need to worry quite as much as I have been.

On Saturday all of us attempted the big hike (3 hours up and 2 hours down) to where my father in law passed away 7 years ago. He had a heart attack on top of a mountain while hiking with Loren. A couple years after his death, Loren put a plaque to honor and remember him. It is a pretty intense hike and we didn't know if the girls could make it but they worked hard and did it. It was a special time to be up there and honor Blaine and it was quite an accomplishment that we all made the hike. Enjoy the pics and be sure to check out the video at the bottom of Morgan seranading us to "8th World Wonder" by Kimberly Locke.

~Morgan walking through very deep grass near our campsite. Eventually she said, "Mom I'm stuck!"

~Sydney was the only one who didn't crash after setting up camp.

~Exhausted after helping set up camp...that was the less strenuous part of the weekend too. :D

~Morgan in her cute little sun hat that is too small for her head.

~My brother took on the challenge of chopping wood. He did a great job.

~Did I ever tell you I am related to Spider Man? On Friday afternoon we went to a place called Dagger Falls. We crossed the bridge and were playing on the beach. My adventerous brother-in-law Mike decided to go exploring. He walked along side the raging river and found a little crevice up the rock cliff. He decided to climb it! We all were yelling at him to come back because we were sure his actions would widow my sister; however, I am pleased to say Mike made it up the cliff and is now our personal Spider Man. Although Mike didn't make Krystal a widow, he may be divorced soon after pulling that stunt. :D Either way, way to go Mike-the-Spider-Man!

~A better look at what he was climbing and how high it is! Keep in mind the raging river below him and the steep water falls 200 yards down river!

~After Mike made it back to us on the "beach" Sydney ran to him and hugged him and said, "Mike I thought I'd lost you forever!"

~Krystal and Sydney on the "beach" at Dagger Falls.

~On the way back from Dagger Falls we ran into a heard of about 100 elk. This picture is only half of them because the other half ran across the road right behind my sister's car! We were right in front of them in our van. This was half the heard running along side the road. The girls had a lot of fun watching them! It was really cool....too bad hunting season is still 6 weeks away. :D

~My dad who, amazingly, didn't put his hand in front of the camera. He actually, willingly, let us take several photos of him this trip! Those of you who know my dad know that that does not happen often!

~My dad volunteered to carry Morgan in the Kelti pack. Morgan realized that she was the only one not walking though and about 200 yards into the hike she wanted to get down and walk. She walked the whole way up (about 3 miles). I was very impressed. She kept saying "I am Morgan. I am a big girl." Although she can't say her 'R' sound well so it sounded more like "I am Mohgan. I am a big gul."

~Morgan and daddy on the trail. Needless to say with a 4 year old and 2 1/2 year old, the hike went slowly. I didn't mind though...I needed the frequent breaks and slow pace. :D

~My sister Krystal and Morgan.

~Sydney with her little backpack and camel back. She is such a trooper! Both my girls amazed me on this hike!

~The plaque at the site where Blaine died. Loren laquered it up to help preserve it.

~Dad taking a quick siesta before finishing the hike.

~On the way down the mountain Morgan couldn't stay awake.

~Morgan relaxing after the hike. I thought the finger up the nose was classic.

~This is our camping clan! L-->R starting in the back with my dad. In front of him is Hailey, Loren, me and Morgan, Gabe, Spiderman Mike, Krystal and Sydney. Thanks guys for such a fun and memorable trip! We had a blast and hope you did too! Can't wait until next year!

~Morgan singing for us. (The yell at the end of the video is Sydney pretending to fall off of a tree stump.)

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wendys said...

Wow! I love the pictures. What a great trip. I love that area and sometime we will have to coordinate our trips to Stanley. Your girls looked like they had a lot of fun. The plaque for Loren's Dad is really nice.