Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Kellie Pickler Concert

Sydney and I had the privilege of attending a Kellie Pickler concert last night. Sydney loves Kellie Pickler so Loren and I decided that I could take her. While we were at the concert, Loren took Morgan on a daddy-daughter date to the park and dinner. They had a lot of fun too.

The tickets we bought were not for a specific was first come, first serve. Because the ticktes were $33 each, I wanted to make sure that we got some good seats. I am of the opinion that if I am paying money for a concert I do not want to be in the nosebleeds where you can't see anything. So Sydney and I showed up 4 hours early to get in line. It worked because we were very first in line! The first four rows were reserved for people who paid $52 a ticket and after that it was first come, first serve. So we were in the 5th row back. I thought the ticket people might give me a hard time about having food for Sydney so I had a big speech prepared about Sydney having diabetes and needing snacks available. They never said anything though so that was nice.

While we were standing in line the radio station was giving away prizes. They passed out little blue tickets. They kept half and we kept half and then they would randomly draw numbers. If your number was pulled then you won something. Well Sydney won a Kellie Pickler CD. She was on cloud 9! It was so cute to have her talk to the DJ too. Then they opened the doors and we got our seats. The opening act was ok...not my favorite.

When they ended it took about 15 minutes to change the set for Kellie. About 10 minutes into Sydney got ancy and started yelling "Kellie, Kellie, Kellie." Then she stood up on my lap and turned to the crowd and started motioning them to join her. It took a couple of minutes but pretty soon EVERYONE was chanting "Kellie, Kellie, Kellie." It was so cute that Sydney started it! Then Kellie came out and put on a great show. You can tell she is a little novice in her performances but that is ok for me because it makes her seem more "real" and less of a superstar abstraction.

At one point Kellie was getting ready to sing "I Wonder" and she was sitting on a stool looking away. Right before the song started it was really quiet and Sydney yelled at the top of her lungs, "I love you Kellie." Kellie got a big grin on her face and looked in our direction. Obviously she couldn't see us because of the lights but she totally heard Sydney. It was super cute.

After the show we were standing really close to where she was signing stuff. It was a mad house in there and we didn't get right next to her but Sydney was waving frantically at her and Kellie waved back. Sydney was ecstatic! After Kellie left people cleared out. At this point I asked Kellie's drummer and guitarist if they would take their picture with Sydney. They were both really nice and said sure. Then they told Syd how cute she was. Overall it was a great night! My little sister Hailey was there too and she had a fun time. She came early at sat for 4 hours with me so we could have good seats. Thanks Hailey! It was great spending time with you. They 4 hours flew by much quicker with you there.

My other sister Malory and her hubby Drew were there as well. They didn't show up as early as we did. We saved them a spot in line because Malory is pregnant and I didn't want her having some weird pregnant complication from sitting in the sun. :D Anyway thanks for a fun night guys! Now enough of my ramblings, enjoy the pics!

~Sydney with her backpack of books, pens, papers and her snacks.

~Sydney with her coveted CD she won.

~Sydney and her sign she held so devotedly for Kellie.

~When Syd was chanting "Kellie" and got everyone involved!

~Kellie singing

~More of her singing.

~Signing stuff at the end of her concert. This is around when she waved to Syd.

~Sydney with Kellie's cute drummer.

~Sydney with her guitarist...he was SO nice by the way.


Cheryl and Scott said...

Looks like you had a blast. Sydney is such a cutie!!

Erin said...

That is SO awesome! It looks like you had SO much fun! Lucky!

KLTTX said...

Sounds like you guys had an awesome time. Davis would have complained the whole time about waiting for 4 hours.

carrie said...

Shamae you ROCK! What a great Mommy you are! And GOOD JOB SYDNEY!!! Way to go winning a CD! So cute with the sign! What a babe...I'm still waiting for 11 more years so I can set her & Jayden up...wha haha!

Becky said...

She is such a doll!!! I love that she loves Kellie Pickler so much!! It is just too cute. Glad you guys had a fun night!!!

J.R. and Michelle said...

Okay that is so awesome! I am so happy that Syd had such a good time!

Greg & Andrea said...

concerts are so fun to go to. And it sounds like you guys had a blast. You know that Sydney will always remember that concert with her mommy. What a great memory to have.